Our Team

The TechObseravtory editorial team consists of tech enthusiasts and experts from around the world:

Charise Bowman

Charise is a web blogger that loves writing and sharing her experiences. When she is not out with her friends, she enjoys traveling or binge-watching Netflix. She is one of the editors at Tech Observatory.

Jonas Schultz

Jonas has over 7 years of experience in IT support. He loves exploring different operating systems and devices and creates in-depth tech tutorials and reviews on his YouTube channel.

Peter Kovač

Peter is completing his final year of computer engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He spends his free time on GitHub, gaming, or browsing the internet for obscure and interesting websites. He is a big proponent of open-source software and has contributed to projects such as OBS Studio.

Quentin Wright

An electrical engineer by day, an automotive enthusiast by night. Quentin has spent most of his adult life obsessing over the latest car technologies and is excited about the industry’s future. He loves spending time fishing, arguing with his wife, or telling his grandkids wacky stories about his past.

Ryan Gilser

Ryan Gilser is a web security and privacy expert. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Cyber Security and has worked for several large firms. When he’s not trying to find vulnerabilities for employers as a freelancer, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing with his dog Max.

Stephen Zaleski

Stephen is a Fintech expert with an interest in stock, commodity, and crypto trading. He loves researching the future of financial technology and works in the risk and compliance field. He also runs his own blog, where he discusses his own investment views. He was an early bitcoin investor (since 2013).

Pablo Maestas

Pablo is a freelance graphic designer with expertise in Adobe products. He studied Media Arts and Design at the University of Chicago. When he’s not working, he enjoys walking his two dogs Pebo and Grace.