How to Block Someone on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the safest platforms for content creators to share their ideas and inspire others. However, every so often, you come across a profile you want to block because:

  • You find their content offensive.
  • You are receiving hate messages or comments from them.
  • The profile looks like a spam account.
  • To avoid irrelevant Pins.

If you block a Pinterest profile, both users will be unable to follow, interact or message each other on Pinterest. In addition, all comments you left each other will be removed. And if you were following that user, they will be automatically unfollowed upon blocking.

You will still see some of their content on your feed or search results. Additionally, saved Pins from that profile will not be deleted even if you block the user. To remove these Pins, you must manually delete each one.

Note: the blocked user will not be notified about this action but will see a message if they try to interact with your profile that gives them a hint that they’re blocked.

Blocking Someone on Pinterest using iPhone or Android

  1. Launch the Pinterest app and search for the user using the Search tool from the bottom menu.

    The Search option in the Pinterest app
    Use the search option to find the user profile in the Pinterest app
  2. The Explore page gives everything related to what you searched for. Filter users only by selecting Profiles. Tap and open the relevant user profile.

    Profiles option in the Pinterest app
    Filter the search results on the Pinterest app using Profiles
  3. There are multiple options at the top of the user’s profile page. Tap on the three dots icon.

    Three tiny dots icon for personal or business profiles
    Tap on the three tiny dots icon
  4. Select Block from the menu list.

    Block option in the Pinterest app
    Tap on Block to block the Pinterest user
  5. Blocking will limit your interactions with the profile. Tap Block to confirm your choice in the Block user message prompt.

    Block user confirmation message
    Block user message prompt

Blocking Users on the Pinterest Website

  1. Open the Pinterest homepage and search for the user name you want to block using the Search bar at the top.

    Pinterest search bar on the website
    Use the Search bar to find the user profile
  2. Click on Profiles and select the user you are looking for.
    Profiles option on the Pinterest website
    Select Profiles instead of Explore
  3. Once on the user’s profile page, click on the three dots icon next to the Follow/Unfollow button. Select Block from the drop-down menu.

    Block option on the Pinterest website
    Choose Block from the menu list.
  4. Click on Block to confirm your choice.

    Block button for Pinterest
    Click on Block to confirm your choice
  5. Click on OK to return to the previous page.

    User blocked confirmation message
    Click on OK to return.

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