How to Change Workspace Color in CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a vector-based program that offers a lot of creative freedom to its users. You can even customize your workspace to fit your liking. This guide shows you how to change the workspace color in CorelDRAW 2022.

  1. In CorelDRAW, go to Layout > Page Background.

    CorelDRAW Page Background
    Then, go to Layout > Page Background.
  2. Click on Solid and select a color.

    CorelDRAW change the background color
    Select the color of your choice.
  3. This should change the color of your workspace.
  4. If you wish to switch to a dark version of CorelDRAW, go to Tools > Options > Customization.

    CorelDRAW customization
    Go to Tools > Options > Customization.
  5. Switch between Light, Medium, Dark, and Black mode.

    CorelDRAW dark mode
    Select from Light, Medium, Dark, and Black mode options.
  6. You can also play around with the “Window border” or “Desktop” options to select custom colors for them too!

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