How to Connect Calendly to iCloud Calendar

Calendly is a popular scheduling tool with a simple interface. If you use both Calendly and iCloud calendar, you can easily sync them so you won’t have to switch between the different apps.

This article will show you how to set up Calendly to work with your iCloud calendar.

Create an app-specific password for Calendly using iCloud

You must first create a password on iCloud, which you can specifically use to log into Calendly.

  1. Go to your Apple ID account, click Sign In and enter your email and password.

    Calendly- Apple ID account sign-in.
    iCloud account sign-in.
  2. iCloud will send a two-factor authentication code to your device. Enter the code.

    Apple ID- 2FA
    Enter the code.
  3. At “Sign-In and Security,” click App-specific password.

    Manage your Apple ID- Password
    Go to app-specific password.
  4. Click Generate an app-specific password.

    Apple ID Generate password
    Generate password.
  5. Enter the app name and select Create.

    Apple ID- Add App name
    Add App name.
  6. Enter your iCloud password to confirm creating a new password, and click Continue.

    Apple ID- Confirm password
    Select Continue to confirm your password.
  7. iCloud will generate a new password. Right-click the password to copy.

    Apple ID- App-specific password
    Calendly app-specific password.

How to integrate the iCloud calendar with Calendly

  1. Log in to your Calendly account and select Integrations.

    My Calendly integration - Event Types - Calendly
    Calendly Integration
  2. Scroll down and select Calendar Connections.

    Integrations - Calendly- Calendar Connections
    Calendar connections integration.
  3. Select Connect next to” iCloud Calendar.”

    Calendly- iCloud-Connect
    Select iCloud calendar.
  4. Enter your iCloud email. Next, paste the password you have copied from iCloud in the first step, and click Connect.

    Calendly-iCloud Connect
    Enter your email and app-specific password to connect.
  5. To ensure Calendly checks for conflicts or adds the events to the correct calendar, select Edit next to “Check for conflicts.”

    Calendly- Edit configuration
    Edit configuration.
  6. Select the correct calendar, then click Update.

    Calendly- Update Configuration
    Update iCloud configuration.

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