How to Connect Calendly to Outlook

Many people use Microsoft Outlook for their email and calendar. If you’re one of them, did you know you can connect your Calendly account to Outlook? That way, you can easily schedule meetings without going back and forth with meeting invitations. Here’s how to do it:

How to Connect Calendly to Microsoft Outlook

  1. Log into your Calendly account, select Integrations, scroll down, and select Outlook for Workflows.

    Calendly- Workflow location
    Outlook for workflow.
  2. Select Connect Microsoft Outlook.

    Calendly- Connect Outlook
    Connect Outlook.
  3. You will be redirected to the outlook sign-in page. Enter your email, phone number, or Skype ID and password to log into your account.
    Calendly - Sign in to your Outlook account
    Sign in to your Outlook account.
  4. Grant Calendly access to your information.

    Calendly-Grant Permission
    Give permission.
  5. Your account will be displayed as connected.

    Calendly- Outlook Connected
    Outlook is connected.

How to Create Calendly workflow using Microsoft Outlook

  1. Select Integration and scroll down and select Outlook for Workflows.

    Calendly- Workflow location
    Outlook for workflow.
  2. Select Explore More to create a new workflow.

    Calendly -Explore Workflow
    Explore workflow.
  3. Click Create your own workflow to get started.

    Calendly - Create workflow
    Create workflow.
  4. At “When this happens,” select what will trigger Calendly to send the email.

    Calendly- Create Outlook email trigger
    Create an Outlook email trigger.
  5. At “How long after event is canceled?” select when you would like the message sent.

    Calendly- Time after trigger
    Set the duration after the trigger.
  6. At “Do this,” pick to whom you would like to send the email; it can be the host or invitee. Then select Next.

    Calendly - Workflow activity (1)
    Add workflow activity.
  7. Add the workflow name and pick which event type you want to send the message.
  8. Select Apply to save changes.
  9. At “Do this,” click Edit to customize the message sent.

    Calendly- Add workflow description
    Add workflow description.
  10. At “what email address should this email be sent from?” choose the outlook email from the drop-down.

    Calendly- Select Outlook Email
    Select Outlook email.
  11. You can pick the email template you prefer. If none of the templates suits your need, choose Custom to create the message from scratch.

    Calendly- Workflow template
    Workflow template.
  12. At “Subject,” add the email subject line.
  13. Select Variables to add specific details to customize your subject line and message. These variables include the event name, date, time, organizer’s name, invitees name, email, or phone number.

    Calendly - Variables
  14. Once finished writing the email, click Done to save the message.

    Calendly- Draft the Email
    Draft the email.
  15. You can add up to 5 activities to the workflow by selecting Add Action. These activities include sending a reminder to the event organizer, sending a follow-up message to invitees, or sharing resources. To add more actions, repeat the same process starting from step 6.

    Calendly- Add action
    Add activities.
  16. Select Save after you’ve added the activities.

    Calendly - Save workflow changes.
    Save workflow changes.
  17. To view the automation, go to Workflows. You can edit, clone, or delete the workflow from here.

    Calendly - Workflow location
    Workflow location.

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