How to Create a Barcode in CorelDRAW

With CorelDRAW’s Barcode Wizard, you can quickly generate an extensive selection of barcodes. If you want to learn how to create barcodes, follow this simple CorelDRAW 2021 guide.

How to create the barcode

  1. To insert a barcode in CorelDRAW, go to Object > Insert > Barcode.

    Insert Barcode in CorelDRAW
    Go to Object > Insert > Barcode to open the Barcode Wizard.
  2. The Barcode Wizard will open. From the drop-down menu, select the barcode type of your choice. Then input your numbers, and click Next.

    Optimize your barcode in the Barcode Wizard
    Choose the barcode type and input numbers.
  3. In the following two windows, you can adjust the resolution and dimension of your barcode, along with other specific requirements. Once you are happy with your specifications, click Finish. The barcode will be inserted into your document.
  4. You can move the barcode freely with the “Pick Tool”. If you have any changes you wish to make after the barcode has been generated, double-click on the barcode to enter the Barcode Wizard. All the changes to your barcode should be made from the Barcode Wizard to avoid any unnecessary errors.

    Move the barcode around with the Pick tool
    Use the Pick tool to move the barcode freely. (Source:

How to further edit the barcode

The generated barcode will be an OLE object, which does not allow much editing. If you wish to edit the barcode manually, follow these steps.

  1. Right-click on the barcode and select Cut.
  2. Then go to Edit > Paste Special.
  3. In the new window, select Picture (Metafile) and click OK. The barcode should now be a group of vector objects, which you can edit individually.

    Select Picture (Metafile)
    Select Picture (Metafile) and click OK.

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