How to Flip Objects and Images on CorelDRAW

No matter what kind of a project you are working on in CorelDRAW 2022, knowing how to flip objects and images is useful. There are two main methods used to “flip” in CorelDRAW.

Using the property bar

  1. Select the object or image that you wish to flip.
  2. In the “Property bar” click on Mirror horizontally. This will flip any image, object, or text you have selected horizontally. Select Mirror vertically if you want to flip the image or object vertically.
    CorelDRAW Mirror horizontally option
    Click on the Mirror horizontally option in the Property bar.

Using CTRL and drag

  1. The second method also requires you to start by selecting the image or object.
  2. While holding CTRL on your keyboard, click on the midpoint on one of the sides of the selected object/image.

    CorelDRAW click on the middlepoint
    Click on the midpoint while holding Ctrl.
  3. Then, simply drag the midpoint to the other side of the picture while still holding CTRL, and the object/image should flip.

    CorelDRAW flipping the image
    Click and drag the midpoint to the opposite side while holding Ctrl.

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