How to Make 3D Letters in CorelDRAW

There are many creative styles you can apply to text in CorelDRAW. This guide will show you how to make and customize 3D letters in CorelDRAW 2022.

  1. Open CorelDRAW and use the Text tool to write your text.

    Use the Text tool to write text
    Click on the Text tool to create text.
  2. To format your text, select it with the Pick tool and use the options in the Property bar. You can choose whichever font and size you want.

    Formatting your text
    Select your text with the Pick tool, and edit it from the “Property bar”.
  3. You can color your text by clicking on the color from the palette on the right side. Left-clicking on a color will color the text, while right-clicking a color will give the text an outline of that color.

    Color your text
    Right/left click on the color to color your text.
  4. Once you are happy with your text, select the Extrude option in the toolbar.

    Extrude option in CorelDRAW
    Click on the Extrude option.
  5. Click and drag your text in any direction to create a simple 3D effect.

    Create simple 3D text
    Click and drag your text to create a 3D effect.
  6. You will have additional extrude options in the “Property bar”. First, choose the Extrusion type you like the most.

    Extrusion type
    Choose the Extrusion type you like.
  7. Adjust the extrusion depth with the Depth option in the Property bar.

    Extrusion Depth
    Adjust the depth with the Depth option.
  8. Extrusion rotation allows you to rotate the extrusion. When you click on Extrusion rotation, you will get a red number 3 logo. Click on the 3 and rotate it. This will automatically rotate your text. To undo all rotational changes, click on the undo icon below the 3.

    Extrusion rotation
    Click on Extrusion rotation, and rotate the 3 to rotate your text.
  9. If you want the extrusion to be a different color, click on the Extrusion color tool.
    Extrusion Color
    Click on the Extrusion Color to adjust the color.

    Use Object Fill will color both the text and the extrusion the same color.

    Use Object Fill
    Use Object Fill makes everything the same color.

    Use Solid Color will color the extruded part of the text with a solid color.

    Use Solid Color
    Choose the color of the extruded part of your text.

    Use Color Shading will give the extruded part a gradient from one color to the other.

    Use Color Shading
    Make a gradient by selecting a different second color.
  10. Extrusion bevels allow you to create beveled edges on your 3D text. Beveled edges can add a 3D effect to your text by making the edges seem sloped (cut at an angle). You can also select the Show bevel only option to only see the bevel you made.

    Extrusion bevels
    Click on the Extrusion bevels > Use bevels to create bevels of your extruded text.
  11. Lighting lets you apply light effects to your extruded area. To apply the light, you will have to choose one of the three lighting options and adjust the strength of the light.

    Lightning 3D text
    Click on the Lighting option and choose the light angle from the three options.
  12. To remove any extrusions of your text, click on Clear Extrude.

    Clear extrusion
    Click on Clear extrusion to delete any extrusions you made.

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