How to Make Text in a Circle in CorelDRAW

Making your text follow a  path in CorelDRAW 2022 is useful when creating logos and in other types of projects. The guide below shows you how to make your text follow a circular path in CorelDRAW.

  1. Click on the Ellipse tool in the toolbar and draw a circle. Hold Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) to draw a perfect circle.

    Draw a circle
    Click on the Ellipse tool and draw a circle.
  2. Click on the Text tool, and then on the circle’s edge. This will make your text follow that edge.

    Use the Text tool
    Click on the Text tool and then on the edge of the circle.
  3. Type your text, and format it however you want from the options in the Property bar.

    Edit your text
    Type your text and edit it from the “Property bar”.
  4. To rotate your text and adjust its positioning, left-click on the text and move it around.

    Move your text
    Click on the text and drag it to the preferred position to move and rotate your text.
  5. To delete just the circle (while leaving the text), left-click on the circle once to select it all, and then left-click on it again to select the circle alone. Then press Delete on your keyboard.

    Delete the circle
    Click once to select everything and twice to select only the circle. Then press Delete on the keyboard.

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