How to Print Multiple Images on One Page in CorelDRAW

This guide shows you how to print multiple images on the same page in CorelDRAW 2022.

  1. When creating a project that you wish to print afterward in CorelDRAW, make sure that you pay attention to the size of your page. The Page size should be the same as your printing paper.

    Page Size
    Choose the appropriate Page size.
  2. You can also specify the custom Width and Height of your page.

    Specify width and height
    Add a custom width and height of your project.
  3. CorelDRAW is created so that it only prints the objects that are within the Page size you specified. That page will have a grey outline.
    Page layout in CorelDRAW
    Only what’s within the Page size will be printed.

    Tip: When creating projects in the program, you are able to draw outside of the Page size, but only what is inside the page will actually be printed.

  1. Press Ctrl + P on your keyboard to open the printing properties. There you will be able to specify your printing options, such as choosing your printer, print range, number of copies, color, layout, etc.

    Printing in CorelDRAW
    Press Ctrl + P on your keyboard. (Source:
  2. You can click on the Print Preview to see how your project will be printed.

    Print Preview
    Click on Print Preview to see the preview of your document.
  3. To exit the Print Preview, go to File > Close Print Preview.

    Close Print Preview
    Go to File > Close Print Preview.
  4. If you are happy with how the Print Preview looked, close the preview and click Print. If your printer is connected properly, the printing should start.

    Start printing
    To start printing, click on Print.

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