How to Trim Objects in CorelDRAW

Trimming an object in CorelDRAW allows you to create irregularly shaped objects as it removes overlapping areas. With the Trim option, you can trim almost any object, including objects on different layers, clones, and single objects with intersecting lines. Here is how to use this essential tool.

  1. We have two overlapping shapes that we wish to trim for this example. Note: if the objects are not overlapping, the Trim option will not work.

    CorelDRAW make the objects overlap
    The objects need to overlap for the Trim option to work.
  2. To trim the overlapping object, first, select the object you wish to do the trimming, hold Shift and then select the object you want to trim. 
  3. To better understand what the trimmed object will look like, you can control which objects are above and below. To do this, right-click on the object, go to Order, and you can choose to bring your object to the front or back of the layer.
  4. You can also bring a selected object in front of a different object by right-clicking > Order > In Front Of and then clicking on the object you want your selected object to be in front of.

    CorelDRAW In Front Of option
    Right-click > Order to bring objects to the back or front.
  5. When you have selected the objects you wish to trim, additional options will appear in the “Property bar”. From those options, you should click on the Trim¬†icon.
    CorelDRAW's Property Bar and Trim option
    Click on the Trim option in the Property Bar.

    The object that you selected last will be trimmed.

    CorelDRAW irregular shapes
    The objects that are below are trimmed.

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