How To Update Visual Studio Code

This article shows how to update Visual Studio Code to the latest release. We’ll intentionally use an older version of Visual Studio Code (1.63.2) for this tutorial.

Check the version you’re running

Follow these steps to check the version of Visual Studio Code installed in the system:

  1. From the “Help” section, select About.

    From the menu, select Help and then choose About.
  2. A message box with the version number will pop up on the screen.

    A message box will appear with the version number.

Check the latest version of VS Code available

Head over to You will find the latest release with the version number and some key highlights of the update.

Latest Version Available
Go to to check the latest release available.

Change your update settings.

Updating Visual Studio Code depends on your update settings. There are four different update modes available in Visual Studio Code. You can change the update settings following these steps:

  1. From the “Manage” section in the sidebar, select Settings.

    From the “Manage” section, click on Settings.
  2. Search “Update Mode.” You will find the four update modes as follows:
    Update Mode
    Default – enables automatic and periodic update checks.
    Manual – disables automatic background update checks and requires you to check manually.
    Start – checks for updates only on startups and disables automatic background checks.
    None – disables updates.
  3. By default, Visual Studio Code is set up to auto-update. If you want to opt out of automatic updates, you can change the update mode to none.
  4. Changing the update mode might prompt you to restart Visual Studio Code. Select Restart.

    Click on Restart to enable the change in update settings.

Check for a new update?

The default configuration auto-updates the Visual Studio Code. If you would like to perform a manual check for a new update, follow these steps:

  1. From the “Help” section, select Check for Updates…

    Check For Updates
    Select Check For Updates from the “Help” section.
  2. If you have the latest version, it will notify you that there are no updates available.

    No Updates
    If you’re running the latest version, you will be prompted with this message.

How to manually force an update

If the update still does not complete, you can also force an update. Forcing an update requires installing the software again without uninstalling the existing software. Here is how to force update Visual Studio Code:

  1. First, download the installer from

    Download Installer
    Head over to to download the installer.
  2. Finally, run the installer with default configurations.
  3. After the installation, you will see the Release Notes in Visual Studio Code. Notice we have successfully installed the latest version.

    Release Notes
    The Visual Studio Code is updated to the latest release.

Using these methods, you can easily keep up with the latest releases of VS Code. You may also want to change your update settings according to your specific needs.

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