Best Laughing Memes – Guaranteed to Make You Smile!

Recognize this man? El Risitas, AKA the “Laughing Man of Spain”, is a legend when it comes to laughing meme culture. His hysterical laugh during a TV interview took the world by storm and garnered millions of views.

El Risitas Laughing
El Risitas AKA the “Laughing Man of Spain”

However, laughing memes have always existed in one way or another, from pop culture references to cartoons, and have always put smiles on our faces. This article features the best laughing memes across the board, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

Laughing Villains meme (Dr. Evil)

From Austin Powers Man of Mystery, this scene of Dr. Evil laughing cracked up a whole generation and spawned hundreds of hilarious memes.

Banks these days

Banks these days
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Just wait for 2050

Just wait for 2050
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Damn customer service!

Damn customer service!
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Laughing Wolves memes

A pair of wolves howling with laughter while a third partner looks on with a shameful look is one of the best forms of laughing memes.

Dad jokes

Dad jokes though
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Inflation is real, people

Those gas prices though
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Science teachers and boomers

Dont trust atoms
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Hey mom

Haven't seen you since last year
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Leo Laughing memes

Leo arrogantly smile-laughing during his 2012 performance in Django Unchained rose to become one of the top laughing memes of pop culture.


Annoying kid falls down
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Son of a b*$%#

son of a bitch
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Stay classy, kid

Drinking coke in a fancy glass
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I like brown bananas

Bananas Leo laugh
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Tom Cruise Laughing memes

90s shows

90s shows
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Or just one

Or just one
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When girls (or boys) are simping

When girls are simping
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Spongebob Laughing memes

This compilation of scenes showing Spongebob laughing in his usual hysterical, annoying way is a wildly popular laughing meme format.

They’re laughing at us

They're laughing at us
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El Risitas

And finally, let’s end the collection with memes focused around the laughing Spaniard, El Risitas.

Gotta make that commission

When your customer isn't funny
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We all had that one kid in class

Second grade absent clown
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The emperor of fake-laughing

Jimmy Fallon Fake Laugh
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Boomer minion memes

Teacher's boomer meme
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