Why Do Wind Turbines Have Red Lights?

Red lights are often used in warning signs to indicate a hazard ahead. This is why you will see them on construction equipment, school buses, and other vehicles.

But why do wind turbines have red lights? The simple answer is wind turbines are quite large, and at night they can be extremely difficult to see. Therefore most wind turbines are equipped with red flashing lights to warn approaching airplanes at night that there is a large object in their path.

This article will discuss the purpose of red lights as well as some of the dangers associated with wind turbines.

Problems caused by warning lights on wind turbines

Red flashing lights are used on wind turbines to warn approaching airplanes at night. However, these lights can also create their own set of problems.

Problems of wind turbine lights
Illustration of how wind turbines lights look at night by Fortune

These lights can interfere with the sleep patterns of birds and other animals. Additionally, the lights can also be a nuisance to people living near the turbines.

Engineers got around this problem by using beacons that only turn on when an airplane is within a certain distance of the turbine.

While this solution may help to reduce the nuisance factor, it gave birth to a more serious problem Рturbines, now equipped with radars or sensors, can interfere with signals sent to aircraft. And, since we are dealing with aircraft, the consequences of a malfunction can be significant.

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