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TechObservatory is a website that provides accurate, up-to-date tech guides. Our authors go through every guide published themselves, providing helpful screenshots and clear instructions.

The goal of our project is to provide a distraction-free resource for accurate tech tutorials.


Disclaimer: TechObservatory is a project founded by Technology Divide FZ LLE., a UAE-based company registered under the license number: 16917/2021. Read more about how to contact us.

Meet our team

Phoebe Sanchez

Phoebe Sanchez / Chief Editor

Erik Ordelman

Erik Ordelman / Tech Writer

What we write about

Our team has experience writing guides in several topics depending on expertise – our tested guides are for windows, android, different PC software and gaming consoles.

Our writers carefully write each how-to guide by following every single step on their own devices, while taking screenshots and videos along the way. This helps simplify difficult tutorials and concepts for our readers.

Editorial process & content integrity

At TechObservatory we follow a strict set of rules for writing content. From the initial stages of researching a topic, until publication, each article undergoes thorough fact-checking, scrutiny, and editing from multiple members of the team. Additionally, content is only assigned to qualified writers who have demonstrable experience in the field, including academic degrees and/or previous work experience.