How to Make Any App or Game Fullscreen on Windows 11

Full-screen apps can eliminate distractions, help you focus on the task, and improve productivity. There are many ways to “force” a full screen on Windows 11. This guide shows you how to make any app or game fullscreen on Windows 11.

Keyboard shortcuts to go into fullscreen

F11 – for browsers, File Explorer

The F11 key.
The F11 key.

The F11 key shortcut only makes you full screen in web browsers and the File Explorer app.

Alt + Enter – for games and Windows apps

Alt + Enter Shortcuts
Alt + Enter Shortcuts.

You can use the Alt + Enter shortcut to go fullscreen for most built-in Windows apps and games. For example, this shortcut can make Windows PowerShell go full screen.

Win + Shift + Enter – for Microsoft Store and UWP apps

Win + Shift + Enter Shortcuts
Win + Shift + Enter Shortcuts.

This shortcut doesn’t work in every game or app, but it mainly works in UWP apps. These are applications usually downloaded from the Microsoft Store. For example, the “Calculator” app.

Change the Game Display Settings

Change the Game Display Settings.
Change the Game Display Settings.

Sometimes, you need to change the game’s display settings before you can make it go fullscreen.

  1. Open the game you want to make fullscreen.
  2. Depending on the game, go to Graphics options, Display settings, or something similar.
  3. Change the setting to make the game go Fullscreen.

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