How to Turn Bluetooth On or Off in Windows 11

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Bluetooth allows you to connect your device with other devices wirelessly. The same technology is also available on your PC or laptop. With Bluetooth, you can connect your PC to your mobile and transfer files, connect it to your wireless earphones, listen to music, etc.

By default, Windows 11 keeps Bluetooth “off.” Here are four ways that you can use to turn your device’s Bluetooth “on” or “off.”

Turn Bluetooth On or Off in Windows 11 Using Quick Settings

Turning Bluetooth on or off in Windows 11 using “Quick Settings” is one of the simplest ways to turn your device’s Bluetooth “on” or “off.”

  1. In the taskbar, you have a Quick Settings menu. Tap anywhere on the WiFi, sound, or battery to open the quick settings menu.

    Click Quick Settings
    Tap anywhere on the Quick Settings menu.

  2. Once you open Quick Settings, you will find the Bluetooth option.

    Find the Bluetooth icon
    You’ll find the Bluetooth option.

  3. Click on the “Bluetooth” icon to turn on Bluetooth for your device. Once you click on it and turn on Bluetooth, the box becomes colored. The Not connected text indicates that your Bluetooth is enabled but is not connected to any device.

    Bluetooth tuned on, but not connected
    Click on the Bluetooth icon to turn it on.

  4. Once you connect to a device, the Not connected text will be replaced by the connected device’s name.

    Bluetooth connected
    After connecting a device, its name will be displayed beneath the icon.

  5. To turn Bluetooth off, tap on the Bluetooth icon again. Once it’s off, you can see the box return to its original colorless shade.

Turn Bluetooth On or Off in Windows 11 Using Bluetooth & devices Settings

You can also switch Bluetooth “on” or “off” using this Windows setting.

  1. Press the Windows key. Search for settings and click on Open to launch Windows settings. Alternatively, you can use the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to open Windows settings.

    Open Settings
    Launch Windows Settings.

  2. Once it’s open, click on Bluetooth & devices in the left panel. On the right panel, you will see Bluetooth as the first option. Click on the toggle to enable it.

    Click Bluetooth & devices
    Select Bluetooth & devices, and turn Bluetooth on.

  3. Once you turn Bluetooth on, the toggle will be colored to indicate that it’s “on.”

    Turn on Bluetooth
    Click on the toggle to turn on Bluetooth.

  4. To turn Bluetooth off, tap on the toggle again.

Turn Bluetooth On or Off in Windows 11 Using Airplane Mode Settings

You can also use the airplane mode in the Windows settings to turn your device’s Bluetooth “on” or “off.”

Note: turning Airplane Mode on will also disable other connectivity features on your PC, such as WiFi.

  1. Launch the Windows settings by searching for it or use the Windows + I keyboard shortcut.
  2. Once it’s open, tap on Network & internet in the left panel. You will find a list of options on the right side. Find Airplane mode and click on the right arrow icon next to it.

    Click Network & internet
    Select Network & internet, find Airplane Mode and click on the arrow beside it.

  3. This will open the Airplane mode section. Here, you can find the Bluetooth option with a toggle.

    Airplane mode section opens
    Airplane mode section will open up.

  4. Tap on the toggle to turn on Bluetooth. It will be colored out once it’s on.

    Bluetooth is on
    Tap on the toggle to turn on Bluetooth.

  5. Just tap on the toggle again if you want to turn it off.

Turn Bluetooth On or Off in Windows 11 Using Device Manager

This is another method to turn off Bluetooth. However, this option doesn’t just turn off Bluetooth but disables it. Once it’s disabled, you won’t be able to turn it on as you did with the other methods. You’ll have to enable it again and then turn on Bluetooth.

You can disable Bluetooth using this method if you or an application keeps turning the Bluetooth “on” accidentally.

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon.
  2. You will see a list of options now. Tap on Device Manager.

    Click Device Manager
    From the list of options, select Device Manager.

  3. This will launch the Device Manager dialog box. Under your PC’s name, tap on the right arrow icon next to Bluetooth. This will show you the options under Bluetooth. Right-click on your device’s Bluetooth and select Disable device.

    Click Disable device
    Tap on icon next to Bluetooth. Right-click on your device and select Disable device.

  4. You’ll now see a prompt for confirmation. Click Yes to confirm your choice.

    Click Yes for confirmation
    Click Yes on the prompt.

  5. You might see another prompt asking you to restart your computer. Select Yes if you get that prompt.

    Click Yes to restart PC
    Click Yes to restart your PC if you get the prompt.

  6. When you check Quick Settings, you’ll no longer find the Bluetooth option. This is because you’ve disabled the Bluetooth option in the device manager.

    Bluetooth option is missing
    Bluetooth option is missing from Quick Settings.

  7. You must re-enable the device if you want to turn on Bluetooth. For this, right-click on the Windows key. Select Device Manager. Right-click on your Bluetooth device and tap on Enable device.

    Enable Bluetooth device
    To enable the device, open Device Manager. Right-click on your Bluetooth device and click Enable device.

  8. When you open “Quick Settings” now, you will see the Bluetooth option back in its place.

    Bluetooth option is back
    Bluetooth option is back in the Quick Settings menu.

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