How to Use the Built-in Video Editor in Windows 11

How to Use the Built-in Video Editor in Windows 11

One of the most underrated features of Windows 11 is the free built-in video editor, which comes with the Windows Photos app. The app allows you to trim, split, add text, music, and much more. Although you can’t do complex editing, it’s a valuable tool for basic video editing. This guide shows you how to use the built-in video editor in Windows 11.

How to launch the Video Editor

  1. Press the Windows key and search for “video editor|”. Click on Open to launch.

    Launch Video Editor
    Open the built-in Video Editor.

Importing pictures to create a video

  1. Once the app is launched, click on Photos.

    Click on Photos
    Click on Photos after launching the built-in video editor.

  2. This will take you to your albums. Navigate to the desired folders and select the pictures you’d like on your video.

    Select photos
    Navigate to the desired folder and select the pictures.

  3. After selecting the pictures, click on the photo album icon and select New video project.

    Create New video project
    Click on the photo album icon and press New video project.

  4. Name your video and click on OK.

    Name your video
    Give your video a name and select OK.

Importing an existing video

  1. Click on Add and select the source of your video. As it’s a video saved on my computer, I’ll choose From this PC.

    Add video from PC
    Select Add and pick the source of your video.

  2. Select the video to be added.

    Select the video to be added
    Select the video to be added and press Open to import the video.

Adding a Title Card to your video

You can add a card to your video.

  1. Click on Add title card.

    Add title card
    Select Add title card.

  2. Click on Background to change the background color.

Setting a duration for your pictures

For the title card or any picture, you can set a duration. By default, it’s set to 3 seconds.

  1. Click on Duration and select the number of seconds you’d like. You can also type it in the text field.

    Change the duration
    Select Duration to choose the number of seconds you’d like.

Adding Text Overlay to your video

  1. Click on Text.

    Click on Text
    Select Text.

  2. Enter your text in the text field on top. Choose an Animated text style if you want. You can also pick a text alignment layout. Finally, click on Done.

    Add text overlay
    Add text overlay and choose an Animated text style.

Adding Motion to your video

Adding motion (transitions) to your videos makes pictures and video clips more professional and dynamic.

  1. Click on Motion.

    Click on Motion
    Select Motion.

  2. Select the type of motion you want, then click on Done.

    Select the type of motion
    Choose the type of motion and click on Done.

Adding 3D effects to your video

You can also 3D effects to your pictures and video clips. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Click on 3D effects.

    Add 3D effects
    Select 3D effects.

  2. Pick an effect and click on Done.

    Select 3D effects
    Select 3D effects and press Done.

Adding Filters to your video

  1. You can add filters by clicking the Filters option.

    Click on filters
    Click on the filters option to add filters.

  2. Pick a filter and click on Done.

    Select a filter
    Select a filter and press Done.

Rotating your video

You can rotate your video or image using the rotate icon until you get the correct position you want.

Rotate clip
Rotate the clip as per your preference.

Trimming your video

  1. Select the video clip and click on Trim.

    Click on trim
    Trim the video clip.

  2. Adjust the video clip by moving the start and end pointers around. Once you’re done, click on Done.

    Trim video
    Trim video and select Done.

Splitting your video

  1. To split a video clip, select the video and click on Split.

    Click on Split
    Choose the video and select Split.

  2. Place the pointer depending on where you want the video clip to split and click on Done.

    Split video
    Split your video and select Done.

Deleting Clips or Pictures from Your Video

Select the picture or video clip you don’t want and click on the trash icon to delete it.

Remove clip
Remove the picture or video clip you don’t want by clicking on the trash icon.

14. Adding Audio to Your Video

You can add the free music available in the built-in editor, or you can add your own.

  1. Click on Background music above the video player. Now, select the music track that you want on your video. After making the changes, click Done to apply music to your video.

    Select Background music
    Select Background music, adjust the music’s volume, and click Done.

  2. You can click Custom audio to add your own music or narration.

    Click on Custom audio
    Select Custom audio.

  3. Click on Add audio file. Navigate to your file containing the audio you need, and double-click it. Finally, click Done.

    Select custom audio
    Select Add audio file and add the audio you need by clicking Done.

Exporting your video

When your video is complete, it’s time to export it

  1. Click on Finish video.
  2. Select the desired video quality from the drop-down.
  3. Click on Export to begin processing and exporting the video.

    Export your video
    Export your video.

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