Can You Change the Wallpaper on PS5?

Want to personalize your PS5 by changing the background but can’t find the option? Well, we’ve been there as well. Unfortunately, the short answer is no, you cannot change the wallpaper on PS5.

The PS4, PS3, and even the PSP had the option to change the background or at least the primary theme color. However, Sony decided to go with something called “Dynamic Backgrounds” on the PS5. The game you select will display its game art as the backdrop on PS5. This acts as the “wallpaper” and looks good most of the time. Here is one example:

Overwatch 2 Background on PS5
Overwatch 2 Background on PS5

When you turn on your PS5, the “Explore” section is selected by default. Its background depends on the first story in your PlayStation news feed. It can look like this:

Explore Section on PS5
Explore Section on PS5.

There is no way to change the wallpaper on PS5 as of now. Also, unlike the PS4, you cannot change the icon theme or background music on PS5 either. However, that may change in the future with an update from Sony – a man can hope!

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