How to Fix “No Camera Found” on Google Meet

“No Camera Found” On Google Meet - How to Fix

“No camera found” is a common error users encounter on Google Meet when trying to join a meeting. It suggests an issue with your camera connection or permissions.

This error can prevent you from appearing in the meeting, recording the meeting, or even attending the meeting in some cases. Mostly, it affects users on the web or desktop app version of Google Meet, although users have also seen this error on the mobile app.

This guide shows you possible causes and fixes for the “No Camera Found” error on Google Meet.

Fix #1: Check your camera

If your computer uses a web camera that connects with a USB cable, there is a likelihood of a connection disruption. Disconnect and then ensure you correctly insert the external camera in the USB port. After that, reopen Google Meet and check if the camera is visible.

If you are experiencing the same error, test the external camera on another device. The camera is probably broken if the camera doesn’t work on a different device.

If you use a built-in camera for the meeting, try closing and reopening the Google Meet video. Occasionally, this technique is effective. Otherwise, check if the camera drivers in your computer are up to date. If the above technique does not solve your problem, proceed to the next solution.

Fix #2: Check camera permissions

When you install the Google Meet app on your computer or mobile device, it will need permission to access your microphone and camera. The authorization allows you to join the meeting without any errors.

Ensure that the app can access the camera on your computer or mobile device. The following steps show how to check camera permission:

Windows 11

  1. Click on the start button and select the setting button.

    Windows 11 settings.
    Windows 11 settings.

  2. From the new window, click Privacy.

    Open computer privacy settings.
    Open computer privacy settings.

  3. Under “App permissions,” pick the camera.

    Go to camera settings.
    Go to camera settings.

  4. Below “Allow access to the camera on this device,” toggle the bar to the right.

    allow device access to the camera
    Allow device access to the camera.

On mobile

  1. Head over to your phone settings.

    Open device settings.
    Open device settings.

  2. Open the Google Meet app settings.

    Scroll down to Meet.
    Scroll down to Meet.

  3. Ensure you toggle the bar next to the camera to the right.

    Confirm camera access
    Confirm camera access.

Fix #3: Check if Google Meet has camera access

Currently, most web page requests authorization to use your camera, microphone, and other information. By default, the access to these tools is set to “Ask.” Undeniably, you are used to just accepting or blocking these requests. In this particular instance, it might result in the blocking of necessary permissions on Google Meet.

When making your first Google Meet video call via a web browser, click “Allow” on the pop-up to give Google Meet access to your camera. Supposing you mistakenly blocked access to your camera, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the padlock icon in the top left-side corner.
  2. Toggle the bar next to the camera to the right.

    Open Google Meet access directory.
    Open Google Meet access directory.

  3. Reload the page.

    Camera is starting.
    The camera is starting.

Fix #4: Update the Google Meet app

There are some fantastic Google Meet features, such as recording, that you can only access through the web version. Apart from that, the mobile or computer app works perfectly fine. However, you should check for updates regularly. Occasionally Google fixes bugs or adds new features, which means your version may no longer match your requirements.

Another problem could be that the app isn’t recognizing the camera correctly. To stop the latter, visit the App Store on an iOS device, Play Store on an Android device, or Microsoft Store on the computer to check for updates.

Assuming there are no updates but you’re still seeing the error, force stop, then restart the Google Meet app.

Update Google Meet.
Update Google Meet.

Fix #5: Clear cache

Another option you could consider is clearing the caches in your web browser and the Google Meet app. Mainly, this solution fixes a variety of Google Meet errors.

Fix #6: Check if another app is using the camera

In an event where another app, such as Skype or Zoom, is using your camera in the background, Google Meet may have trouble accessing it. Check that your computer’s camera indicator is on; if so, find the app and close it. Then, try joining Google Meet again.

Whenever you start Google Meet, ensure you close all other apps in the background.

Fix #7: Check if you are using the correct camera

Your device might have more than one camera, for example, a built-in camera and a webcam. Follow the steps below to ensure Google Meet is using the right camera:

  1. Open Google Meet, click on the three vertical dots, and then go to Settings.

    Open Google Meet settings.
    Open Google Meet settings.

  2. Select Video from the pop-up.
  3. Check the camera configuration to Google Meet and ensure it’s the right one.

    Pick the correct camera.
    Pick the correct camera.

  4. Reload the page.
    Camera works.
    The camera works.

Fix #8: Turn off extensions

The presence of numerous extensions on your search engine may appear to be a positive thing. However, it can cause damage to the browser.

Even though Google scans the extension for vulnerability, the extension can still cause conflicts with certain services you access through your internet browser.

By disabling some extensions, you can restore the camera on Google Meet. We highly suggest you disable all extensions before opening Google Meet again. Afterward, reenable the extension one at a time until you identify the broken one.


If your webcam is not damaged, there is always a possible solution for the “no camera found” error. It could be Google’s fault. Although this is uncommon, they usually resolve errors quickly.

Prioritize checking the camera permission to Google Meet on your device. Any of the solutions above will restore the camera functionality.

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