How Get PlayStation Plus on PS5

How Get PlayStation Plus on PS5

PlayStation Plus on PS5 is essential if you want to enjoy video games online. You can play free-to-play titles without it but if you want to play paid games like FIFA and Call of Duty online, you’ll need PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus on PS5 is exactly the same as it was on PlayStation 4. If you are already subscribed to the service on PS4, log in using the same account on the PS5 and it will carry over. No need to purchase the subscription again.

However, if you are new to PlayStation or just starting to play online videogames, here is how you can get PlayStation Plus on PS5.

Get PlayStation Plus on PS5

Method 1: On the PS5

  1. On the PS5 navigate to the PlayStation Plus icon, it is usually on the second or third place

    Playstation plus main page
    PlayStation Plus Landing Page on PS5

  2. Tap X on the PlayStation Plus Icon and you’ll be taken to the PS Plus main screen
  3. Scroll down till you see the subscription options

    Playstation plus subscription tiers
    PlayStation Plus Subscription for 12, 3, and 1 month

  4. Select the subscription duration you’d like and press X on the controller

    Buying playstation plus subscription
    Purchasing 12 months PlayStation Plus subscription on PS5

  5. Now you’ll be asked to enter your bank information. Enter the correct info to purchase the subscription

    Checking Playstation plus status
    Checking the PlayStation Plus Subscription status

  6. That’s it, you are now subscribed to PlayStation Plus on PS5

Method 2: Get PlayStation Plus with a Code

If you don’t want to enter your bank details, there is another method to get a PlayStation Plus subscription. The method is great for gifting PlayStation Plus subscriptions as well.

On PS5

  1. Go to PlayStation Store app, it should be the first option on the main screen

    Redeeming codes though playstation store
    Selecting the Redeem code option on PlayStation Store

  2. Navigate to the three dots (midline ellipsis) on the top right side of the screen
  3. Press X on the controller and a menu should pop down, select Redeem Code
  4. Now you can enter a 12 digit PlayStation Plus Subscription code

    Enter playstation plus subscription code
    Entering the 12 digit code to get PS Plus

  5. You can get the codes from any online or brick and mortar store, here are a few: Amazon, GameStop, Walmart
  6. You’ll get a confirmation message immediately

On Phone

  1. Download and install the PlayStation app on your phone (Android, Apple)
  2. Log in to the app using your PlayStation credentials
  3. Press the PlayStation Store button

    Playstation store main interface on app
    Accessing the PlayStation App on Android

  4. Now tap on the three lines (hamburger icon) on the top right side of the screen
  5. A menu will pop up with the option of Redeem Code

    Redeeming code and subscription management
    Opening the Redeem Code menu on PS App

  6. Once in the redeem code menu, enter your 12 digit subscription code

    Entering playstation plus code
    Enter the 12 digit PlayStation Plus subscription code

  7. Confirm and you will be subscribed to PlayStation Plus

Method 3: Using a Browser

  1. Go to the PlayStation website and log in using your PS5 account
  2. Navigate to the Services section and then click on PS Plus

    Playstation plus main screen on browser
    Navigating to the services section on the PlayStation website

  3. Once the webpage loads, tap on Join PS Plus
  4. Now select the subscription tier you’d like and add it to the cart

    playstation plus subscription tiers on browser
    Browsing the PlayStation Plus Subscription tiers on PC

  5. From there, provide your banking info and checkout

    Joining PS Plus
    Paying for a PlayStation Plus subscription on a browser

  6. You’ve successfully subscribed to PlayStation Plus on PS5
  7. A subscription code can also be redeemed by clicking on your profile photo on the top right corner

    redeem Ps Plus code on browser
    Redeeming the PS Plus subscription code

  8. Then selecting Redeem Code option from the menu

    enter ps plus code on browser
    Enter the 12 digit PS Plus subscription code

  9. Enter the code and you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus

Things to Note:

The PlayStation Plus subscription voucher code should be from the same region as your PlayStation Account. Look at the flag on top of the subscription voucher (both physical and digital cards should have it).

PlayStation Plus 3 month card
Physical subscription card for USA Region

You won’t be able to transfer subscriptions to another account. Redeem the codes on the correct profile.

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