How to Add a Text Box in PowerPoint

A text box allows you to insert text anywhere on your PowerPoint slide. This allows you to place text in a more organized way, such as between objects or images. This guide shows you how to add a textbox in PowerPoint and customize its appearance to fit your theme.

Add a text box in PowerPoint

  1. Go to the slide you want to insert the text box in. Select Insert in the top menu, then select Text Box.

    Go to Insert > Text Box.

  2. The cursor will change from a pointer to a cross. Left-click and drag the cursor on any position on the slide to insert the text box.

    Click and drag the cursor to draw the text box.

  3. A blank text box will appear. You can type in or paste your text into the box.

    PowerPoint text box
    Type or paste your text into the text box.

  4. After you have added text into the box, it can be resized. Click and drag any of the circles along the text box border to resize it.

    how to resize a text box in powerpoint
    Click and drag the circular points inwards or outwards to resize the text box.

  5. If you want to move the text box, hover the cursor over the text box to change it to a cross pointer. Click and drag the text box to its new position.

    How to move a text box in powerpoint
    Drag the text box when the cursor changes to a cross pointer.

Customize the appearance of your text box

You can customize your text box to fit your presentation’s theme.

Add a border to your text box

Select the text box and go to the Shape Format tab.

PowerPoint Shape Format tab
Select the text box.
    1. Go to Shape Outline and choose a color to apply a border style.

      Change shape outline color in PowerPoint
      Select a color for your border.

  1. Change the border thickness and style using the Weight and Dashes tools.

    PowerPoint change boader thickness and style
    Change border’s weight.

Change the text color

While in the Shape Format tab, click Text Fill and select the desired color.

PowerPoint how to change font color
Choose a text color.

Change the background color of the text box

Click Shape Fill and choose a color to change the text box background.

How to change a shape background color in PowerPoint
Select a color.

Note: You can further explore the tools in the Shape Format tab to change the shape design and apply special effects to the text box.

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