How to Add or Delete Slides in PowerPoint

How to Add or Delete Slides in PowerPoint

When editing a PowerPoint presentation, you must add, delete, and reorganize your slides. Knowing how to organize your slides is an essential skill to have. This guide shows you how to add, remove, and re-arrange slides in all versions of PowerPoint.

Adding new slides

  1. Make sure you’re on the Home tab. Then, click New Slide.

    PowerPoint New Slide tool
    Click New Slide.

  2. You will be presented with different layouts of how you want your slide to look. Click a layout option to add the slide to your presentation.

    PowerPoint Slide Layout options
    Select a layout.

Duplicating a slide

You may want to duplicate a slide to avoid retyping content and save time when making minor changes.

  1. Select the slide you want to duplicate on the slides panel on the left.

    PowerPoint How to duplicate a slide
    Click on the slide you want to duplicate.

  2. While on the Home tab, select the New Slide dropdown and click Duplicate Selected Slides.

    PowerPoint Duplicate selected slide tool
    Ensure that the slide is selected.

  3. A copy of the selected slide will appear below the selected slide.

    PowerPoint duplicated slide
    Check the slides section to see the new slide.

Deleting a slide

On the slides section, right-click on a slide thumbnail and select Delete Slide in the dropdown list.

PowerPoint Delete Slide command
Select Delete Slide.

Alternatively, select a slide, then press DEL on your keyboard.

Organizing your slides

To arrange your PowerPoint slides, go to the slides section and drag a slide up or down to its new location.

PowerPoint Dragging a slide
Click and drag the slide thumbnails to organize them.

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