How to Add or Remove a Slide in Google Slides

How to Add or Remove a Slide in Google Slides

Adding and removing slides is one of the most basic tasks when creating a new presentation. You will want to add new slides to organize your ideas and add new information, as well as delete slides that you don’t think are necessary to keep.

This guide shows you how to easily add or delete slides in your Google Slides presentation.

How to add new slides

  1. Open an existing or new Google Slides presentation.
    Existing Slide from the Google Slide Website
    Choose your existing slide presentation from Google Slides’ official website.

    If you want to create a new one, you can click the white thumbnail with the plus icon to create a blank presentation.

    Creating a Blank Slide Presentation in Google Slides
    Create a new slide

  2. Click the white thumbnail with the plus icon to create a blank presentation. You can also choose a template from the Template Gallery.

    Extending the Template Gallery in Google Slides
    Click the Template Gallery to find more free Google Slide templates.

  3. Once your presentation is opened, look at the preview panel on the left side of the screen. Choose which part you want to add a new slide to. The new slide will be added after your selected slide.

    Preview Pane in Google Slides
    Preview Panel in Google Slides

  4. Next, click the + icon on the menu bar to insert the new slide. The new slide will automatically be added with the layout or theme as the rest of the other slides.

    Inserting a New Slide via the New Slide Icon
    Click the + icon in the menu bar.

  5. You can also right-click one of the slide thumbnails in the preview pane and select New slide to add a new slide below the selected slide.
    Add a New Slide Below the Slide Thumbnail
    Right-click your selected slide thumbnails to add a slide below it.

    Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + M (Command+M for Mac users) to add a new slide.

  6. If you want to add a slide with a new layout, you can choose from the other slide layouts once you click the down arrow icon next to the + icon.

    Inserting a New Slide With a Different Layout
    Click the down arrow icon next to the plus icon to choose a different layout for the new slide.

How to remove slides

  1. In the same slide presentation, choose the slide you want to remove using the preview pane on the leftmost side of your screen. When a slide is selected, a yellow border will appear on the edge of the selected slide.
    Selecting a Slide From the Preview PaneOnce you select a slide, a yellow highlight will appear on its slide thumbnail or preview.
  2. Next, select the Edit tab in the top ribbon and click Delete to remove your chosen slide.

    Deleting a Slide From the Edit Menu
    Click the Edit menu and select Delete from the options.

  3. Alternatively, you can right-click the slide and select Delete from the options. It will immediately remove the slide from your presentation.

    Deleting a Selected Slide by Right-Clicking the Slide
    Right-click the selected slide and choose Delete from the options in the dropdown menu.

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