How to Avoid Highways on Google Maps

How to Avoid Highways on Google Maps

Google Maps has an option that allows you to avoid highways (also called “motorways” on the app). Instead, it shows you alternative routes to reach your destination without highways. You can turn this option on for the Google Maps mobile app and website. Follow these steps to avoid highways on Google Maps.

Note: there are some routes that you can’t navigate without taking a highway.

Avoid highways on Google Maps on Android or iPhone

Avoid highways for the current trip only

  1. Enter your destination in the search field.

    Google Maps search field
    Enter your destination.

  2. Next, tap on Directions.

    Directions button after selecting a destination
    Tap on Directions.

  3. Enter your start or current location.

    Field for entering a start location
    Enter your start location.

  4. When you have your route, tap on the three-dot menu to the right of the starting location.

    Three dot icon by the right of the start location
    Tap on the three-dots menu icon.

  5. Select Route options.

    Route options among the list of options
    Select Route options.

  6. Check the Avoid motorways option. You can optionally also choose to Avoid toll roads and Avoid ferries.
    Avoid motorways among Route options
    Select Avoid motorways.

    Now Google Maps will direct you to your location while avoiding highways and motorways.

Avoid highways for current and all future trips

  1. Launch Google Maps.

    Google Maps app
    Launch Google Maps.

  2. Tap on your profile picture or initials at the top right of the screen.

    Initials or profile picture on Google Maps
    Tap on your initials or profile picture.

  3. Tap on Settings.

    Settings under Google Map options
    Tap on Settings.

  4. Scroll down and tap on Navigation settings.

    Navigation settings in Google Maps
    Tap on Navigation settings.

  5. Scroll down to Route options. You will see various route options here.

    Route options in Google Maps
    Scroll down to Route options.

  6. Turn on the Avoid motorways toggle.
    Tap on Avoid Motorways
    Turn on the Avoid Motorways tab.

    Google Maps will now avoid all highways when navigating using the app.

Avoid highways on Google Maps on Computer

  1. On your preferred browser, go to the Google Maps website.

    Google Maps website
    Go to Google Maps on your computer.

  2. Click on the Directions tab on the right side of the Google Maps search bar.

    The Directions tab by the right of Google Maps search bar
    Click on Directions.

  3. Enter your starting location and destination in the fields provided.

    Start location and destination
    Enter your start location and destination.

  4. After entering your start location and destination, click on Options.

    Options tab after entering directions
    Click on Options.

  5. You will see various “Route options.” Check the Highways option if you want to avoid highways on your trip.
    Avoid Highways Option
    Check the Highways option.

    Google Maps will show you rerouted directions that avoid highways.

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