How to Backup Trello Boards

How to Backup Trello Boards

Trello is a SaaS application that helps track workflow, share files, and collaborate. Trello boards have a lot of your data, which is a result of the extensive working hours of employees. If this data is lost, it usually is irreplaceable.

So, you might want to back up Trello boards to avoid such data loss or before deleting them in case you need to restore them for whatever reason. There are three ways to backup:

Backup Trello Board via Google Chrome TrelloExport extension

This is a quick method to save Trello Boards. Install the TrelloExport extension on your browser and follow these steps:

  1. Click Show menu on the Trello board you want to backup.
  2. Select More and click on the Print and export button.
  3. Click on TrelloExport.

    Select the TrelloExport extension after adding it to Chrome.

  4. You can export the Trello board as Excel, Markdown, HTML, OMPL, or CSV.

    Trello Export
    Backup Trello Board with TrelloExport.

Backup Trello Board via Power-Ups

You can also use the Board Export power-up (a paid power-up) to back up the data on your Trello board. The power-up can help you backup cards, checklists, comments, and due dates, among other things. Of course, you can choose to backup only what you want. It will save the data in PDF, CSV, Excel, or an image format.

To install and use Board Export:

  1. Click on the Power-Ups button on the Trello board you want to backup and Add Power-Ups.

    Trello Power-Ups
    Click on Power-Ups from the Trello board you want to backup.

  2. Search for a “Board Export” power up, and click Add.

    Trello Board Export Power-Up
    Search and add the Board Export Power-Up.

  3. You’ll now see a Board Export button right before the Power-Ups button on your Trello Board. Click on it, log in to your Trello account, and export all the data you need before deleting it. Access the exported data from the downloaded files.

Backup Trello Board via JSON

For this method to work, you need to get your hands on the raw JSON data format. To export your data, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Trello board you want to backup, and click on the Show menu.
  2. Click on More and scroll down to Print and export.
  3. Select Export as JSON under the Print option.

    Trello Board - Export as JSON
    Choose Export as JSON.

You have the raw data imported. This method is available for all (free) users.

Premium Trello members can also access the Export as CSV option under the Print option, which opens as a spreadsheet.

Restoring the Trello board backup

Restore the exported data manually or use the premium Backups for Trello Power-Up to automatically and quickly restore such data.

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