How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Google Sheets

How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Google Sheets

Standard deviation is a statistical measure of how dispersed the data is in relation to the mean. Google Sheets comes with a built-in function to calculate the standard deviation. This article will show how to calculate standard deviation in Google Sheets.

Calculating Standard Deviation using the STDEV function


STDEV(value1, [value2, ...])


  • value1 is the first value or range of the sample.
  • value2, … is the additional values or ranges of the sample.


  1. In any cell, type =STDEV()

    STDEV Function
    Enter =STDEV() in any cell.

  2. Between the parenthesis, enter the range of data. In my case, I’m selecting the range B3:B7.

    Add ranges
    Enter the arguments.

  3. Press Enter. This is the standard deviation of the given data.

    Standard Deviation
    Calculated Standard Deviation using STDEV function.

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