How to Connect a PS5 Controller to Android

How to Connect a PS5 Controller to Android

Your PS5 controller can easily be connected to an Android phone.

Navigating the Android interface is tricky with a PS5 controller. You can select individual icons using the directional pad and O or X. However, it’s not very reliable.

More importantly, many popular games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite support playing on a PS5 controller.

Some games have complete support for a PS5 controller, while others offer only partial support (e.g., interface navigation needs to be done on the phone).

To connect a PS5 controller to Android, you only need a Bluetooth connection – no wires are required. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your phone Settings and select Bluetooth.

    Select Bluetooth
    Select Bluetooth.

  2. Press and hold the Capture and PS buttons on the controller until you see blue lights flash rapidly.
    PS5 controller capture and PS buttons
    Press and hold the Capture and PS buttons.

    The PS5 controller is now in pairing mode.

    Blinking blue lights indicate pairing mode
    Blinking blue lights indicate pairing mode.

  3. On your phone, scan for new Bluetooth devices,

    Searching for new device
    Scanning for new devices

  4. The PS5 controller usually shows up as Wireless Controller

    Wireless Controller found
    Wireless Controller found.

  5. Once found, tap on Wireless Controller to start the pairing process.

    Pairing Process started
    Pairing the controller

  6. A prompt will appear asking for pairing permission—select Pair.
    Bluetooth Pairing request receiveded
    Select Pair.

    That’s it! Your PS5 controller is now connected to your Android phone!

    PS5 controller connected successfully
    Controller connected

    You can now enjoy games using the PS5 controller.

    Playing a game with the PS5 controller
    Playing Moonlighter with the PS5 controller.

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