How to Connect Google Forms to Google Sheets

How to Connect Google Forms to Google Sheets

Google Forms is an excellent tool for collecting data and responses from your audience. Google added a feature to connect this data to Google Sheets for deeper analysis and repurposing. With each response submission, the worksheets are automatically updated.

Follow these steps to connect Google Forms to Google Sheets:

  1. Open your Google Form.
  2. Go to the Responses tab at the top of the page.

    Responses Tab
    Go to the Responses tab.

  3. Click the spreadsheet icon and then select response destination.

    Create Spreadsheet
    Click the icon to create a spreadsheet.

  4. Choose the destination for your responses by creating a new spreadsheet or selecting an existing one. Then, click Create new spreadsheet and name it.
    Create new spreadsheet.
    Create a new spreadsheet.

    The new sheet will appear in another window.

    New spreadsheet
    A new spreadsheet will open in another window.

  5. Alternatively, select the existing spreadsheet option and the spreadsheet into which you wish to feed data.

    Existing Spreadsheet
    Select an existing spreadsheet.

  6. If you want to verify whether Google sheet stores responses, click on Send in the “top right corner.”

    Send form
    Click Send to share the form.

  7. Click the link icon, then Copy. Open the form in a new tab and fill out the form with random answers.

    Copy link
    Click here to copy the link.

  8. After filling out the form, go to the Responses tab and click on the Google Sheets icon.

    View Responses in Sheets
    Click on the Google Sheets icon.

  9. Each new response will be added to your sheet in this way.

    Responses received
    Here you can view data in sheets.

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