How to Copy a Board on Trello

How To Copy A Board On Trello

You can copy boards you’ve already created if you have recurring projects or assignments that use a similar format across Trello workspaces. The copy feature is also helpful if you collaborate in someone else’s workspace and like how they have created their workflow.

Trello allows you to copy an entire board to the same or a different workspace. This makes it easier to keep the kanban workflow you’ve already created in a board intact.

This article shows you how to copy a Trello board to other workspaces.

How to Copy a Trello Board to Another Workspace

Launch Trello on Windows and follow these steps:

  1. Select a workspace from Workspaces on the left sidebar.

    List Of Trello Workspaces
    Select from your list of workspaces.

  2. Next, click on Boards to view the boards in that workspace.

    Select Boards
    Select the board you want to copy.

  3. Click on a board you want to copy. On the upper-right of the board, select Show menu.

    Trello Board - Show menu
    Click on the Show menu button.

  4. Click More.

    Trello Board - Show menu - More
    Click on More in the Show menu.

  5. Select Copy board.

    Trello - Copy Board
    Click on the Copy Board option.

  6. Enter the Title for the new board under the copy board Settings.

    Trello Board - Ttile
    Insert a Title for the copied Trello Board.

  7. Select the workspace to which you want to add the copied board from the dropdown menu under Workspace.Next, you’ll see two checkboxes:
    • Keep cards: Check this option to copy all the cards (except for template cards) along with the board.
    • Keep Template cards: Check this option to copy all the template cards.

Select as per your requirement and click Create.

Trello will automatically land you on the copied board! You’re now ready to add tasks, edit details and share the board with your team!

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