How to Create a Template in Notion

How to Create a Template in Notion

Notion comes with a rich library of built-in templates. However, creating a custom template helps you duplicate multiple content and blocks with a single click. Thereby increasing your project’s efficiency and improving the workflow.

Notion allows you to create a custom template with the help of the template button. In this guide, we will explain how to create a template in Notion.

Creating a custom template using the template button

  1. Start by putting together the template, block by block, in a separate and blank section of your page. You can also use a built-in template from the library and make the necessary changes to it.

    Create the content to convert it into a template.

  2. Once you have your template put together, click on a blank line. Add the template button by left-clicking on the + symbol.

    Plus Icon
    Click on the Plus icon.

  3. Scroll down and click on Template button. Alternatively, you can add the template button by typing “/template” and pressing Enter.

    Template Option
    Click on the Template button option.

  4. You will be prompted with the “Configure template button” box.

    Configure Template Button
    Configure Template Button will popup on the page.

  5. Under the “Button Name” section, type a relevant name.

    Button Name
    Give a relevant name to the button.

  6. Under the “Template” section, remove the default To-Do button by clicking on the six-dotted button and selecting Delete.

    Delete To-Do
    Click on the Delete option.

  7. Inside the “Template” section, start dragging the content you want to add to your template. You can include plain text, headers, checklist, menu, bullet points, and others.
  8. Once you have your template put together, click on the Close button.

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