How to Create Columns in Notion

How to Create Columns in Notion

Presenting sets of information side by side in columns lets you improve your workflow while using the limited width of the page most optimally. Notion only allows you to create columns in its web, desktop, and tablet versions. However, you cannot create columns in Notion’s mobile version.

While there are no shortcuts or buttons to create columns in Notion, it can be a simple process. Follow these steps to create columns in Notion:

  1. Create a new page or open an existing page where you want to create the column.

    Open Page
    Open or create a page from the sidebar.

  2. Type the headers or content for each column you plan to create. For example, I’ve written “Column 1”, “Column 2”, and so on.

    Type the content to make it as headers.

  3. Hover your cursor over the header you want to add as a column. Let’s say I want “Column 2” as the column next to “Column 1”.

    Hover the mouse over the text you want to make a column header.

  4. Left-click and hold on to the six-dotted icon (⋮⋮) that appears on the left of the header.

    Grab the header.

  5. Drag it to the left or right of any other header. In my case, I will drag it to the left of “Column 1”. When you encounter a vertical small bluish line, release your mouse. It will drop the header and create your column.

    Drag and Drop
    Drag the header the overhead line.

  6. To continue making columns repeat this process for the rest of your content.

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