How To Delete a Board on Trello

How To Delete a Board on Trello

Once you delete a board on Trello, there’s no way to reverse it. This is why Trello doesn’t have a delete option (at least not a direct one) for boards, cards, and lists. 

If you want to delete a board, you have two methods available.

What You Need to Know Before Deleting a Trello Board

Before you try to delete a board, here’s what you should know:

  • You cannot delete a board if you’re not the admin for that board. You must request access or ask the admin to delete it. 
  • You cannot delete a board using the phone app. You must do it from the web version or the desktop application.
  • You need to close a board before deleting it. Closed boards can be reopened. However, you can’t recover a board once you’ve deleted it.

Delete a Trello Board From Within the Board

Once you’ve launched Trello on Windows:

  1. Select Boards from the list of workspaces at the top-left and select the board you want to delete.
  2. Tap on the Show menu button on the top-right of the Trello board.

    Trello Board - Show Menu
    Click on the Show menu button from the Trello board you want to delete.

  3. Click More.

    Trello Board - Show menu - more
    Click on More under the Show menu section.

  4. Find Close board in the menu, and confirm by selecting Close.
    Trello Board - Close board
    Click on Close board.

    Trello Board - confirm close
    Click on the red Close button to confirm closing the board.

  5. Next, select Permanently delete board (or Reopen board if you want to continue using it).

    Trello Board - Permanently delete
    You can either select Permanently delete board or Reopen board.

Delete a Trello Board From the Main Menu

Launch Trello on Windows and:

  1. Click on Boards. Then, click the View closed boards button at the end to see a list of closed boards.

    View closed boards
    Click on View closed boards.

  2. The closed boards have two options Delete and Reopen.

    Trello closed boards
    You will see a list of closed Trello boards here.

  3. Click on the Delete button to permanently delete a board.

    Trello board - delete board
    Delete the board from the list of closed boards.

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