How to Delete a Card in Trello

How to Delete a Card on Trello

Trello uses a two-step process to permanently delete cards to protect users against accidental deletion. Therefore, there is no “single” delete button.

If you have finished working on a Trello card or just want to declutter your Trello board, there are several ways of deleting your Trello cards. In this guide, we show you how.

Method #1: Delete a Card directly from a Trello Board

  1. Under your workspace, select the board from which you want to delete a Trello card.

    Select Board
    Select the board from which you want to delete a Trello card.

  2. Click on the edit icon on the right of the Trello card you want to delete.

    Click On The Pen Icon
    Click on the edit icon.

  3. Click on the Archive button. Doing this will send the Trello card to the Archived items list. You can keep the Trello card there indefinitely. However, if you still want to delete it, continue to the next step.

    Click Archive
    Click on the Archive button to permanently archive the card.

  4. Select Show menu on your Trello board.

    Show Menu
    Click on Show menu.

  5. Click More.

    More menu
    Click More.

  6. Go to Archived items to see the list of archived cards.

    Click Archived items
    Click on Archived items.

  7. Click Delete under the Trello card (or Send to board to restore it to the Trello board if you changed your mind).

    Send to board or Delete
    Click Delete to delete a Trello card permanently.

Method #2: Delete a Card from the Card Settings

  1. Go to Boards from your workspace. Then, click on the board with the Trello card you want to delete.
  2. Click on the Trello card you want to delete.

    Select the Trello card
    Open the Trello Card you want to delete.

  3. Find the Archive option on the bottom right of the Trello card.

    Click Archive.

  4. Next, select Delete to permanently delete the Trello card.

    Send to board or Delete From Within The Trello Card
    Click Delete to permanently delete the card.

Method #3: Bulk delete Trello Cards using Power-Ups

If you want to delete multiple cards at once, add the Bulk Actions Power-Up that allows you to delete (or archive) up to 70 cards at once. This is a paid Power-Up (pay per board) that offers a 6-day free trial period. Launch Trello on Windows and:

  1. Go to the board from which you want to delete Trello cards. Then, click Power-Ups and Add Power-Ups.

    Add Power-Ups
    Click on Power-Ups, then click Add Power-Ups.

  2. Type Bulk Actions in the search bar on the left.

    Bulk Actions Power-Up
    Search for the Bulk Actions Power-Up.

  3. Click Add under the Bulk Actions Power-Up.

    Add the Bulk Actions Power-Up
    Click on the Add button.

  4. The Bulk Actions (Authorization Needed) button will be added to your Trello board. Click on it and then select Click to authorize.

    Authorise Bulk Actions Power-Up
    Authorize the Bulk Actions Power-Up with your Trello credentials.

  5. Once authorized, you can click on the Bulk Actions Power-Up and use its features. For example, you can select up to 70 Trello cards at once to Delete or Archive in bulk.

    Select Trello Cards And Delete in Bulk
    Bulk Actions Power-Up allows you to select many Trello cards at once.

Method #4: Bulk delete Trello Cards using a Chrome extension

Multiselect for Trello is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to select multiple Trello cards simultaneously. This is a free method where you can delete the Trello cards directly instead of the two-step archive and delete method.

Note: Trello cards are permanently deleted using this method and cannot be recovered.

Add the extension to Chrome, and launch Trello. Then, follow these three simple steps to perform bulk actions for Trello cards:

  1. Authorize access by clicking Allow on the pop-up once you have added the extension.

    Authorize Multiselect for Trello
    Click Allow to authorize the Multiselect for Trello extension.

  2. Hover over the card you want to delete and select the Trello cards or the entire list you want to delete. Then click on the Actions button beside the search bar.

    Select Multiple Cards
    Select the cards or the list you want to delete and click on the Actions button.

  3. Click Delete Cards to bulk delete the selected Trello cards.Note: Multiselect for Trello allows you to perform many other bulk actions as well.

    Perform Action
    Click on Delete Cards.

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