How to Delete All Contacts at Once on iPhone

On iPhone, there are straightforward methods to delete your contacts one by one. However, this is time-consuming when you want to batch delete all your contacts. There are two things required if you want to delete all contacts at once:

  1. Your contacts should be synced to iCloud.
  2. You need to log in to iCloud from a computer (either Mac or Windows).

This guide will show you how to mass delete your contacts on your iPhone and a method to “hide” them if you don’t want them deleted.

Note: If you delete all your contacts on iCloud, they’ll also be deleted from all your Apple devices.

Deleting All Contacts on iPhone Using iCloud

This method won’t work on your iPhone since there’s no way to select all contacts. Instead, you have to use a Mac or Windows computer.

  1. Go to and log in using your Apple ID.

    Signing In with Apple ID on iCloud
    Sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Click on Contacts.

    Contacts on iCloud Where Users Have the Option to Delete Them
    Click on Contacts.
  3. To select all contacts, press the Command + A keys together (or Ctrl + A if you’re on Windows).

    Selecting All Contacts to Delete All of Them at Once
    Select all contacts by pressing Cmd + A.
  4. Click on the Settings icon on the bottom-left.

    Contact Settings on iCloud
    Click on the settings icon.
  5. Click on Delete.

    Option to Delete Contacts on iCloud
    Click on Delete.
  6. A confirmation box will pop up. Click onĀ Delete again.

    Deleting All Contacts on iCloud
    Click on Delete again.

Hiding All Contacts Directly on Your iPhone

This method requires you to have your contacts synced to an email account. You can use this method to hide all of your contacts at once instead of deleting them. No one will be able to see your contacts, and you can unhide them whenever you want.

  1. On your iPhone, tap Phone.

    Phone App That Contains All the Contacts on the iPhone
    Tap Phone.
  2. Tap GroupsĀ in the upper-left corner.

    Groups Settings in the Phone App on iPhone
    Tap Groups.
  3. Uncheck the accounts listed and tap Done.

    Disabling Email Accounts in the Phone App on iPhone
    Tap Done.
  4. All of your contacts will now be hidden.

    Hiding All Contacts on iPhone
    All your contacts will now be hidden.

    To see your contacts again, go back to “Groups” and check all the email accounts.

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