How to Delete Animations from PowerPoint

How to Delete Animations from PowerPoint

Removing animations from your PowerPoint presentation will make it look cleaner and simpler. Here are various methods to delete in PowerPoint.

Option #1: Delete a single animation

  1. Select the slide you want to remove the animation from. Note: Slides with animations are marked with an asterisk.

    How to select a slide in PowerPoint
    Select a slide.

  2. Go to the Animations tab and click Animation Pane.

    PowerPoint Animation pane tool
    Click Animation Pane.

  3. In the Animation Pane, Identify the animation you want to delete. Click the down arrow icon, then click Remove.

    remove animation command in PowerPoint
    Click Remove.

Option #2: Delete all animations on a particular slide

  1. Open the slide that has the animations. Press CTRL + A(Command + A on Mac) to select all the animations on the slide.

    How to select objects on a PowerPoint slide
    Select all the animations on the slide.

  2. Go to the Animations tab, and click None in the “Animation” section.

    remove animations using None command
    Click None.

How to turn off animations for the entire presentation

  1. Go to the Slide Show tab. Select Set Up Slide Show.

    PowerPoint SlideShow settings
    Click Set Up Slide Show.

  2. In the dialogue box, select Show without animation, then click OK.

    PowerPoint Show without animation option
    Check Show without animation.

  3. If you want to turn animations back on, uncheck the option Show without animation, and click OK.

    Set up show dialogue box in PowerPoint
    Uncheck the option Show without animation.

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