How to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone

YouTube has one of the largest catalogs of music on the Internet. Unfortunately, to listen to music on YouTube, you must keep the app open.

There are multiple ways to download music from YouTube in the form of MP3 audio files.

First, you can convert the video into an MP3 file using a website converter. However, note that downloading copyrighted music in this way breaches copyright laws and is therefore illegal. Therefore, you should only use this method to download music that is legal to do so.

The other method is to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium and download MP3s for offline listening.

Converting YouTube Videos to MP3 Files

  1. First, tap YouTube.

    YouTube App on the iPhone
    Tap YouTube.
  2. Under the video you want to convert, you’ll see a list of options—tap Share.

    Share Button on YouTube That Lets Users Copy the Link to It
    Tap Share.
  3. Tap Copy link.

    Option to Copy the Link to a YouTube Video
    Tap Copy link.
  4. Go to the Home Screen and tap Safari (you can use a different browser if Safari isn’t your preference).

    Safari App on the iPhone
    Tap Safari.
  5. Go to any YouTube to MP3 converter website. You can Google it or use some popular ones such as YTMP3.
    Note: a lot of these websites have popup ads that might be malicious. Make sure you install an ad-blocker and be very careful when downloading anything.

  6. Paste the YouTube URL into the text field next to the “Convert” button.

    YouTube to MP3 Converter Site
    Paste the YouTube URL.
  7. Tap Download mp3.

    Downloading MP3 Files from a YouTube Downloader Site
    Tap Download mp3.
  8. A confirmation box will ask you if you want to download the MP3 file. Tap Download, and the file will begin downloading.

    Converting a YouTube Video into an MP3 File
    Tap Download.
  9. To check the download progress, tap the AA icon next to the URL in Safari.

    Safari Browser Settings Where the Download Folder is Located
    Tap the AA icon.
  10. Tap Downloads.

    Downloads Folder on Safari Browser
    Tap Downloads.
  11. You’ll be able to see the download here.

    Files Downloaded on the Safari Browser
    You can see the progress of your download here.
  12. Go to the Home Screen and tap Files to see where the file is saved.

    Files App on the iPhone
    Tap Files.
  13. Tap Downloads.

    Downloads Folder in the Files App on the iPhone
    Tap Downloads.
  14. If you have the folder sorted by date, you’ll be able to see the file at the top. If not, type the name in the search field at the top.

    Recently Downloaded Files in the Downloads Folder
    The downloaded file will be saved here.

Download Music using YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music Premium is a subscription-based service introduced in 2014. It lets you listen to music on YouTube and download it for offline listening. Subscribing to YouTube Music Premium is currently the only legal method to download (copyrighted) music from YouTube to your iPhone.

The platform offers a one-month free trial, after which you have to pay $9.99/month.

YouTube Music Premium for Offline Listening and Downloading Music
YouTube Music Premium.

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