How to Draw on Google Slides

How to Draw on Google Slides

Besides adding shapes or importing images, you can also create your own drawings in Google Slides. Drawing on your slides is a great way to add creativity and liveliness to your presentations. This guide will show you the different ways to draw on Google Slides.

Scribble Drawing on Google Slides

  1. Open your Google Slide presentation.

    Opening a Google Slides Presentation
    Open your Google Slide presentation.

  2. Navigate to the slide you want to create a drawing.

    Slide to Insert Drawing
    Select the slide.

  3. Go to the Insert tab. Then, under the Line option, select Scribble.

    Enabling the Scribble Feature in Google Slides
    Under the Line option, select Scribble.

  4. When the Scribble feature is enabled, you can draw lines by left-clicking and holding your cursor.Once you release the mouse, the drawing will be automatically highlighted inside a text box. You can move the box by dragging its border or resize it by dragging the indicated points.

    Created Scribble Drawing
    Move the drawing by dragging the border and resizing it using the points.

  5. Go to the Format group in the top bar to format the scribble. Here, you can choose a different color, weight, and dash pattern for your drawings.

    Format Group in Google Slides
    Click one of the icons in the Format group.

  6. Further formatting can also be done in the Format options menu. This includes changing your drawing’s size and rotation, position and adding drop shadow and reflection effects.
    Format Options Menu
    Click “Format options” to extend its menu window.

    Format Options Window
    Additional formatting options.

  7. You can also draw Straight lines, Arrows, Connectors, Curves, and Polylines from the Insert > Line option.
    Curve and Polyline Drawing Options
    Select “Curve” or “Polyline”.

    Polyline and Curve Drawings
    A curve and a polyline drawing in Google Slides.

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