How to Duplicate or Copy a Slide in Google Slides

How to Duplicate or Copy a Slide in Google Slides

Duplicating or copying and pasting a slide in your Google Slides presentation can be helpful if you want to use it as a template. There are two main ways to duplicate/copy-paste a slide:

Method #1: Use the menu bar

Select the slide that you want to duplicate. If you want to duplicate multiple slides, press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and select them via the Slide Sorter on the left.

Slide to Duplicate
Select your desired slide(s).

Go to Slide in the menu bar and select Duplicate slide.

Duplicate Slide Option
Select the Slides option and click Duplicate slide.

You can also right-click the slide from the Slide Sorter and choose Duplicate slide.

Alternative Duplicate Slide Option
Right-click > Duplicate slide.
Duplicated Slide
Duplicate of your slide.

Method #2: Copy and paste a slide

Select the slide you want to copy.

Slide to be Copied
Select the slide(s) you want to copy.

Choose Edit, then Copy. Alternatively, press Ctrl + C (on Windows) or Cmd + C (on Mac).

Copying a Slide in Google Slides
Select the Edit option and click Copy.

Next, in the Slide Sorter, select the slide that you want to paste your slide after.Slide Sorter

Slide Sorter in Google Slides. Select Edit and click Paste. Or press Ctrl + P (on Windows) or Cmd + P (on Mac).

Pasting a Slide in Google Slides
Choose Edit and select Paste.

Your copied slide will be pasted.

Copied Slide
A copy of the selected slide.

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