How to Enable 2-Step Verification on PS5

2-Step Verification, also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA, can help keep your PSN account and digital game library as secure as possible. 2FA sends you a code as a text message or your preferred app to verify your identity each time you log into your PSN account on a new device. This ensures that only you can access your PSN account and keeps hackers out.

To enable 2FA, you need a smartphone with an active number. Alternatively, you can use an authentication app like Google Authenticator. Here’s how you can enable 2-step verification on PS5.

Enable 2-Step Verification on PS5

  1. Go to Settings

    The Settings Gear Icon is located on the top right of the main screen
    Select Settings

  2. Select Users and Accounts.

    Select Users and Accounts
    Select Users and Accounts.

  3. Select Security.

    Account Settings on PS5
    Select Security

  4. Scroll down to the 2-Step Verification option. By default, it is Disabled.

    Security Settings Main Screen
    Select 2-Step Verification.

  5. Select 2-Step Verification. A new screen with two different verification modes will pop up.
    Select Mode of 2 Factor Authentication
    Two Methods of 2-Factor Authentication.

    Choose one of the two options:

Option #1: 2-Step Verification via text

  1. Select Text Message to receive verification codes on your phone via text.

    Selecting Text Message Method of verification
    Select Text Message.

  2. Now enter your mobile number.
    Enter Phone Number to Receive Verification Codes
    Enter your mobile number.

    You’ll receive a code on your phone.

    Verification Code Recieved on Phone
    Verification Code received on your phone.

  3. Enter the code received on the verification screen and press Activate.

    Enter Code Received on Phone
    Enter the verification code.

  4. From the next screen, make a note of the displayed Backup Codes. They can be used to recover your account if you lose access to your phone or phone number.
    Backup Codes for 2 Factor Authentication - Text Method
    Save the Backup Codes.

    Two-factor authentication is now enabled via text!

    Text Based 2 Step Authentication completed
    Authentication completed

Option #2: 2-Step Verification via Authenticator App

For this option, you first need to download Google Authenticator on Android or iOS.

  1. Select to enable 2-Step Verification via the Authenticator App.
    Selecting Authenticator App verification method
    Select Authenticator App.

    The PS5 will display a QR code.

    Scan QR Code with the Authenticator App on Phone
    QR code displayed.

  2. On your phone, Google Authenticator and select Scan a QR Code.

    Select Scan a QR code
    Scan a QR code.

  3. Point the phone camera at the QR code being displayed on the screen.
    Scan the QR code
    Place the QR code in the middle.

    Scan the QR code
    QR code that needs to be scanned.

  4. Google Authenticator will automatically verify the account. The PS5 will ask for the Authenticator App code. It’s displayed next to your PSN ID email on the app.

    Verification Code will be displayed here
    Verification code on the app.

  5. Then, press Activate. Backup codes will show on the PS5. Keep a note of them, as they can help you recover your account if you lose access to your phone.

    Backup Codes for 2 Factor Authentication - App Method
    Keep a note of the backup codes.

  6. Two-factor authentication is now enabled via Authenticator App.

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