How To Enable (or Disable) Google Chrome Flags

How To Enable Google Chrome Flags

Google Chrome Flags are experimental features available in the default version of the browser. These flags let you customize your browsing experience by giving you many features not previously available, for example, parallel downloading and enhanced autofill predictions.

Even though Chrome Flags aren’t a new addition to the browser, most are unaware of their existence. This is surprising, given how easy it is to enable them. In this article, we will be going over the steps to both enabling and disabling Google Chrome flags from your browser.

Things to consider before enabling Google Chrome flags

  • Google Chrome Flags aren’t tested that well for security. If you are highly concerned about your security, you should not enable them or use a different browser for sensitive tasks like online transactions.
  • Some flags don’t provide stable performance, so don’t expect the best quality from what’s meant to be beta features.
  • Once you enable a flag on Chrome, you’ll have to restart the browser for it to work.

Enable Chrome Flags

  1. Go to the search/address bar of your chrome browser and type in either chrome://flags or about://flags

    Google Chrome searchbar
    Search for chrome://flags in the google chrome searchbar

  2. Once you open the page and scroll down, you will see a long list of all Available flags. You can also read a short description of the flag mentioned under its name.How To Enable Google Chrome Flags
    You can also search for a particular flag by typing its name in the search bar. To see which flags won’t work on your browser, select the Unavailable tab.

    List of Google Chrome Flags
    Use the search bar to find the flags you want to enable

  3. To enable a flag, click on the dropdown menu, which reads Default. Now, click on Enabled to activate it. To deactivate it, you can select Disabled instead.

    Dropdown menu to enable a chrome flag
    Enable a flag using the dropdown menu

  4. Once you’ve enabled or disabled a flag, you will receive a pop-up message on your screen asking you to relaunch Chrome. Click on the Relaunch button, and your browser will save your updated settings. The next time you launch Chrome, you will have those flags enabled (or disabled according to what you selected).

    Pop-up asking to relaunch chrome
    Click on the Relaunch button to activate new flag

Disable All Chrome Flags

If your Chrome browser performance is buggy, it could be due to the enabled flags. If you are not sure which flag is causing the issue, you can disable all your flags. Follow these steps:

  1. Select Reset all on the top of the page

    Reset all Chrome flags button
    Use the Reset all button to diable all chrome flags at once

  2. You will again receive a pop-up asking for your permission to relaunch the browser. Click on Relaunch to disable all the flags.
    Chrome Flags Reset All

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