How to Factory Reset a PS5

Selling your console or just want a fresh start? Learn how to factory reset a PS5 and start anew. A factory reset can solve software issues and will reinstall updates.

A PS5 factory reset will delete all data from the console. This includes all users, downloaded games and apps, save data, screenshots, and clips. Make sure to back up all your data before the factory reset.

  1. Locate the Settings button at the top right side of the screen

    The Settings Gear Icon is located on the top right of the main screen
    Select Settings

  2. Navigate to System.  It’s a bit further down the list

    Scroll down to the System settings
    Select System

  3. In System Software, select Reset Options.

    Select the very last option in Reset Options
    Select Reset Options

  4. Select Reset Your Console.

    Select Reset Your Console Option
    Select Reset Your Console

  5. A confirmation screen will pop up. Select the Reset option to factory reset your PS5.

    Click on Reset to Factory Reset your PS5
    Select Reset to Factory Reset your PS5

  6. The console will take a few moments and restore everything to factory defaults.

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