How to Filter Asana By Project

How to Filter Asana By Project

Managing board projects as an administrator is a challenging task. You have to manage everything from creative requests and sprint planning to candidate tracking. Moreover, as your project progresses and you continue to add tasks to the board, your view of the project can rapidly become cluttered. You may find it challenging to locate information that is most critical to you.

Asana offers advanced sorting and filtering features, allowing you to find the information you need quickly. Follow these steps to utilize these features.

Asana Sorting and Filtering Explained

Sorting and filtering task information on your board lets you quickly see the information you need without manually locating it within the board.

You can sort tasks by:

  • due date
  • assignee
  • likes
  • alphabetically
  • priority

You can filter tasks by:

  • assignee
  • custom field
  • due dates

How to Sort and Filter Tasks on Boards

  1. In Asana, head over to the project board where you want to sort the tasks.
  2. Select Filter above the columns and choose your preferred filter from the context menu.

    Filter option in Asana
    Choose the Filter option

  3. If you want to filter by assignee, due date, or priority, choose Custom filter.

    Create a custom filter
    Create a custom filter

  4. Choose the preferred filter as shown below.

    Choose a filter
    Choose a filter

  5. Select Sort located above the columns if you want to sort the tasks.

    Sort option in Asana
    Choose the Sort option

  6. Choose your preferred option from the context menu.

    Sort the board
    Sort the board

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