How to Hide Columns in Google Sheets

How to Hide Columns in Google Sheets

You might want to hide or unhide specific columns when working with large volumes of data in a spreadsheet. For example, for privacy reasons or to make the sheet easier to read. This guide shows you how to hide or unhide columns in Google Sheets.

To hide columns

  1. Select the column or columns that you want to hide. Make sure to select the entire column by selecting the column letters at the top edge of the sheet. In our example, we selected columns B and D.

    Select Column Headers
    Select the columns to hide.

  2. Right-click on the selected data and choose the Hide columns option.

    Choose Hide Columns
    Right-click > Hide columns.

  3. You’ll notice the double-sided arrows on the columns indicating the hidden columns between them.

    Hidden Columns
    Columns hidden between the adjacent columns.

To unhide columns

  1. Select the columns adjacent to the hidden columns. They will have double-sided arrows on them. For example, hidden column B is adjacent to columns A and B. Therefore, we would select those two columns.

    Select Adjacent Columns
    Select the adjacent column letters.

  2. Right-click and select the Unhide columns option.

    Choose Unhide Columns
    Right-click > Unhide columns.

  3. Follow the same steps to unhide column D. You’ll notice the hidden columns appear.

    Unhidden Columns
    Columns unhidden.

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