How to Insert a Video in PowerPoint

Videos are a great way to explain a topic. It shows your audience the message you intend to pass across personally. In PowerPoint, inserting a video or embedding it from an online source is extremely simple. This guide will show you how.

Insert a video

  1. Open PowerPoint. Click on New if you wish to create a new project or Open to find a project that’s already been created. For this guide, we’re building a new slide.

    PowerPoint homepage
    Open PowerPoint
  2. On the slide you want to embed the video, select Insert on the top-left in the menu bar.

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Find insert and click on it
  3. Next, click on Video

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Click on Video
  4. Choose from the heading “Insert Video From” how you want your video uploaded. There are three different options:
    This Device – Finds a video that is saved locally on your device.
    Stock Videos – PowerPoint has native stock videos which you can insert
    Online Video – You can embed a link. We will discuss each option further below.

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Click on Video for options

Insert a video from your device

  1. Click on This Device

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Click on This Device
  2. Select a video file.

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Select a video file from your device
  3. Adjust the video by resizing and placing it where and how you want it

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Adjust and place the video where you want

Insert a stock video

  1. Click on Stock Videos

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Click on Stock Videos
  2.  Select a video appropriate for your presentation

    PowerPoint presentation page showing stock videos
    Select a video
  3. Adjust the video and place it where you want it on the slide

    PowerPoint presentation page showing a stock video
    Adjust and place the stock video where you want
  1. You can grab a video link from YouTube (or a different video host) to embed the video into a PowerPoint slide. First, copy the video you want to embed.

    A web page showing a YouTube video
    Copy the link to the video from the web page
  2. On your PowerPoint slide, select Online Videos

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Click on Online Videos
  3. In the next Window, Paste your link into the empty address bar.

    PowerPoint presentation page showing a space bar to paste a link
    Right-click and click on paste
  4. Finally, click on the Insert button at the bottom to insert the embedded video.

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Paste the link and insert the video
  5. Adjust your video by resizing it and placing it where you want. PowerPoint presentation pageNote: You can play a video inside PowerPoint after embedding it to ensure it’s suitable for your presentation.

    PowerPoint presentation page
    Play the video

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