How to Insert an Animated GIF to PowerPoint

How to Insert an Animated GIF to PowerPoint

Adding a GIF to your PowerPoint presentation will spice it up and lighten the mood. Using videos is also a good way of displaying information in a fun way. However, GIFs have smaller file sizes and are usually faster. This guide provides a step-by-step guide on adding GIFs to PowerPoint.

Inserting a GIF

  1. If you do not have a GIF saved on your computer, first google and download a GIF for your presentation.
  2. In your PowerPoint presentation, go to the slide you want to add the GIF to. Then click on the Insert tab in the Ribbon bar.

    Microsoft office Powerpoint Insert Tab
    Click on the Insert tab to display more tools.

  3. Select the Pictures tool.

    Microsoft offPowerpoint Pictures tool
    Click Pictures to launch the Insert Picture dialogue box.

  4. Navigate through your computer files to locate the GIF you want to use when the dialogue box launches. Select the GIF and click Insert.
    Microsoft office Powerpoint Insert Picture Dialogue box
    The Insert command will import the GIF into the slide.

    Note: The GIF will only play during a slide show.

Moving and resizing the GIF

Now the GIF has been added to the presentation, it can be moved and resized to your liking.

  1. To move the GIF, place the cursor over the GIF, and the cursor will change to a cross pointer. Click and drag the GIF to your preferred position on the slide.

    PowerPoint Gif Drag cursor
    When the cursor has a cross shape, click, hold and drag the GIF.

  2. To resize, move the cursor over any of the circles on the borderline of the GIF. The cursor will change to a double-sided arrow. Click and drag the circular point inwards or outwards of the GIF to make it smaller or bigger.

    Microsoft office PowerPoint Gif Resize cursor
    Click, hold, and drag the circular points along the border.

Adding an animation to the GIF

Once the GIF is in the presentation, you can apply special effects such as animations to enhance its appearance.

  1. On the Ribbon bar, click on the Animations tab.

    Microsoft office Powerpoint Animations tab on Ribbon Bar
    Click on the Animations tab to access the effects tools.

  2. Select Add Animation in the “Advanced Animation” section. The Add Animation tool will list three categories of effects you can apply to the GIF.
    Entrance effects determine how the GIF will first appear on the slide.
    Emphasis effects control how the GIF gains attention during the presentation.
    Exit effects focus on what the GIF does when you click on the slide to remove the GIF.
    You can use all three types of animations on the same GIF in Powerpoint.

    Microsoft office powerpoint Add Animations tool
    Select Add Animation to choose an effect

  3. Choose the animations(s) you prefer to add to your GIF.

    Microsoft office PowerPoint Animation effects
    The effects are divided into three categories. Select one from each.

Preview your GIF in the slide show

When you’ve finished adding and customizing your GIF, it’s time to see how it looks in the slide show.

  1. To preview the GIF, click on the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon bar.

    Microsoft office Powerpoint Slideshow tab on Ribbon bar
    Click the Slide Show tab to access more tools.

  2. Select From Begining in the “Start Slide Show” section.
    Microsoft office Powerpoint From Begining tool
    Click From Begining to start the slide show.

    The GIF will automatically play in the slide show presentation.

    Microsoft PowerPoint animated Gif in Slide show
    The GIF can now play in the slide show.

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