How to Insert Page Numbers in Excel

How to Insert Page Numbers in Excel

Adding page numbers in Excel sheets is important to keep things organized, especially if you want to print your data. Page numbers are easy to add and help make navigation across the document more accessible.

This guide shows you two methods of adding page numbers to your Excel spreadsheet using the Office 365 version of Excel (build 2203). However, the instructions are similar in other versions.

Adding page numbers using the Page Layout tab

  1. Open the Page Layout tab from the top menu. Then, click on Page Setup.

    Open page layout tab
    Open the Page Setup window.

  2. In the Page Setup window, open the Header/Footer tab. From here, you can choose to modify the Header or Footer of the pages.

    Select the header/footer tab.
    Select the Header/Footer tab from the Page Setup menu.

  3. Open the drop-down menu for Footer. This contains options for adding information to the page footer.
    Page Setup options
    The drop-down list contains options to add to the Footer.

    Once you have selected the appropriate option for your sheet, click OK to apply the page number format.

    Page setup is complete.
    Click OK to complete the setup.

Add page numbers using the View tab

  1. Open the View tab from the top menu and select Page Layout.
    Open view tab and select page layout
    Open the view tab and select Page Layout.

    The Page Layout section allows you to view the Excel sheet as it shows in Print. You can customize your excel workbook from this section.

    From here, you can modify the Header and Footer of the page. Each of them contains three sections that can be used to add information.

    Page Layout section
    The Page Layout section allows you to modify your Excel sheet before printing.

  2. Select a section on the header where you wish to display the page count, then select Header & Footer from the top menu.

    Select Header and Footer from the top menu.
    From the top menu, click on Header & Footer.

  3. Select the Page Number option from Header & Footer.
    Select the Page Number option.
    Select the Page Number option.

    When you add data to the page, the selected area in the header will display the page number. To make keeping track of the pages easier, you should add the page count to your sheet.

  4. Select Number of Pages to add the page count to your final print.
    Select Number of Pages.
    Select Number of Pages to add the page count.

    Excel will now display the page number and page count. However, they are not separated by default and can look confusing.

    Page Numbers are displayed
    Excel is now displaying the page numbers.

  5. To make the page count more readable, you can separate them by writing between the formatting as shown.
    Separate the formatting
    Separate the formatting.

    The final result is improved.

    Page numbers are displayed.
    The page number section is edited.

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