How to Integrate Trello with Outlook

How to Integrate Trello with Outlook

Trello can be integrated with Outlook in two ways:

  • Outlook and Trello calendars can be integrated to view scheduled events and dates in one place.
  • You can automatically convert Outlook emails into Trello cards.

These integrations simplify your workflow by providing real-time updates from Outlook to Trello. A few points to note about this integration:

  • Each Trello board will have a different email address.
  • Trello cards show up a few minutes after the email is sent to Trello.
  • The initial email becomes a new Trello card.
  • Responses to the email will be shown as comments on the same Trello card.

Trello and Outlook calendar integration

You can use the Outlook web app or the web version for the Trello integration.

  1. Log in to Trello and select the board to which you want to integrate the Outlook Calendar.

    Trello Outlook - Select Trello Board
    Select Trello board.

  2. Click on the Power-Ups option.

    Trello Outlook - Trello Power-Ups
    Go to Power-Ups.

  3. Click Add Power-Ups.

    Trello Outlook - add Power-Ups
    Click Add Power-Ups.

  4. Search for the Calendar Power-Up and click Add.

    Trello Outlook - Search Calendar & add
    Search for the Calendar Power-Up.

  5. The Calendar Power-Up will be added to your Trello board. Select it.

    Trello Outlook - Calendar Power-Up
    Calendar Power-Up.

  6. Click on the Settings icon.

    Trello Outlook - Calendar Settings
    Calendar Power-Up Settings.

  7. Copy the iCalendar Feed URL.

    Trello Outlook - iCalendar Feed
    Copy the iCalendar URL.

  8. Go to your Outlook account and click on the calendar icon on the bottom left.

    Trello Outlook - Outlook Calendar Settings
    Go to the Outlook Calendar.

  9. Click Open Calendar from the Home section of your ribbon and select From Internet.

    Trello Outlook - Open Calendar
    Go to Open Calendar > From Internet.

  10. A box will ask you to enter the location of the internet calendar you want to add to Outlook. Paste the iCalendar URL you copied from Trello.
    Trello Outlook - Enter iCalendar URL
    Paste the iCalendar URL.

    The Outlook and Trello calendars will not be synced, but you can view both calendars in one place.

    Trello Outlook - Calendars Integrated
    Outlook and Trello calendar integration.

    Note: With this method, you can view both calendars only on Outlook and not on Trello. You can use paid Power-Ups like Planyway to view and sync both calendars on Trello.

Trello and Outlook “Email-to-board” integration

This Trello Feature converts Outlook emails into cards. Log in to your Trello account and go to the board where you want to implement the integration. Then:

  1. Click on Show menu in the upper right corner of your Trello board.

    Trello Outlook - Show menu
    Click Show menu.

  2. Click on More.

    Trello Outlook - More
    Click More.

  3. Select Email-to-board settings.

    Trello Outlook - Email-to-board settings
    Select Email-to-board settings.

  4. An email address will be generated for your board – make a note of it. Trello will create cards from emails sent to this address. Next, select the details for the card creation. You can choose the list and position the new cards will take on your Trello board.

    Trello Outlook - Add Cards via Email
    Copy the email address generated.

  5. Go to your Outlook account and create a new message. Paste the email address and draft the email.
    Trello Outlook - New Email
    Sending an email to the Trello email address.

    The email’s subject will become the card title, and the email body will be the card description. Email attachments will also be added to the Trello card.

    Trello Outlook - Card created from email
    A new Trello card is created automatically.

  6. The final step is to integrate the email replies into the Trello card. To do so, open the new card created. Then, scroll down and click Share on the bottom right.

    Trello Outlook - Share
    Open the new card and click Share.

  7. Trello has a feature where replies to the initial email will be shown as comments to the Trello card. There is an email ID given under Email for this card. Use this ID to send replies, which will appear on Trello as card comments.

    Trello Outlook - Share and more
    Email replies will be shown as Trello card comments.

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