How to Layer Images in PowerPoint

How to Layer Images in PowerPoint

PowerPoint slides have multiple objects including images that may hide or cover other objects when added. These images must be arranged to allow other objects, such as texts, to remain visible. For this guide, we look at how to layer images in all versions of PowerPoint.

How to layer images using the Arrange tool

The PowerPoint Arrange tool gives you various options to order, group, and position objects on a slide. Let’s look at how to use these options to layer images.

  1. First, let’s add an image to the slide. Go to the Insert tab and click Pictures.

    PowerPoint Pictures tool
    Click Pictures.

  2. Browse through your computer to choose an image, then click Insert.

    PowerPoint Insert picture dialogue box
    You can insert—Clickle images into the slide.

  3. Select an image and go to the Home tab. Click Arrange in the “Drawing” section.

    PowerPoint Arrange Tool
    Click Arrange

  4. The “Order Objects” section contains four options:
    • Bring to Front: the image goes in front of all objects.
    • Send to Back: the image goes behind all objects.
    • Bring Forward: brings the image one level over other objects.
    • Send Backwards: bring the image one level behind other objects.

      PowerPoint tool to order objects on a slide
      Use these options to layer the image.

Layer images by grouping

The “Group Objects” section allows you to select multiple images and group them as one image.

  1. Go to Format > Arrange. Press CTRL on your keyboard and select the images you want to group. Click Group.

    PowerPoint Group tool
    Click the Group tool to group images.

  2. Notice that the images share one frame.
    PowerPoint Grouped photos example
    The images can be resized and moved around as one object.

    You can click Ungroup if you want to separate the images.

    PowerPoint ungroup images
    You can Ungroup the images.

Layer images using the Selection Pane

The Selection pane lists all the objects (including images) on a slide, making it easy to identify and arrange them. You can use this tool to layer images. Follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Home tab and select Arrange.

      PowerPoint Arrange Tool
      Click Arrange

    2. Select Selection Pane…

      PowerPoint selection pane tool
      Click Selection Pane… to launch it.

  1. A new window will appear on the right. If you drag the item down to the last object on the list, the object will go behind other objects on the slide.
    PowerPoint Selection pane list
    Move an image up and down on the selection pane.

    You can arrange the images according to your preference.

    PowerPoint layered image
    The image appears behind the text.

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