How To Leave a Slack Workspace

If you have finished or discontinued a project, it might be time to leave the Slack workspace. This guide is for users who want to leave a Slack workspace.

If you plan to leave a Slack workspace, you should be ahead of critical deadlines to get time to gather any necessary materials. Besides, you should continue to respond to messages in the workspace. Finally, it would be best to let your colleagues know that you will be leaving the workspace.

Leaving a Slack workspace

Leaving a Slack workspace can be complicated because users are invited into the owner’s workspace. There are two ways of leaving a Slack workspace:

  • contact the workspace owner to remove you from the workspace.
  • leave the workspace by deactivating your account in that workspace.

What happens when you leave a Slack workspace?

  1. Slack will delete all of your conversations.
  2. If any files are shared, Slack will not delete them.
  3. Leaving one workspace does not affect another workspace that is related to it.
  4. All the apps you installed in the Slack workspace will be disabled; however, the workspace owner can enable them.
  5. The workspace admin must invite you back to rejoin the workspace.

How to leave a Slack Workspace on Computer

  1. Open Slack and open the workspace you would like to exit. Then, click on your profile picture at the top right corner.

    Slack _ tech _ Tech Observatory
    Launch the Slack workspace.
  2. Click Profile to go to your profile settings.

    Slack _ tech _ profile
    Click on the profile settings.
  3. Select More (the three-dot icon) and click on Account settings.

    Slack _ tech _ more settings.
    Go to the workspace settings.
  4. Select Deactivate your account.

    Account Settings _ Slack (1)
    Scroll down to deactivate the account.
  5. Grant Slack access to deactivate your account by clicking Yes, deactivate my account.

    Deactivate your account _ Tech Observatory Slack
    Permit Slack to deactivate your account.
  6. Check the box on the top left-hand corner above “Yes, I want to deactivate my account”. Then click Deactivate my account.

    Deactivate your account _ Tech Observatory Slack (1)
    Confirm deactivating your Slack workspace.
  7.  Your account will no longer be available in that workspace.

    Deactivate your account _ Slack
    Account deactivation is successful.

How to leave a Slack workspace on Android or iPhone

  1. Open Slack and select the workspace you would like to exit.
  2. Tap the icon next to the workspace name.

    Select Slack Workspace that you would like to leave (1)
    Go to the workspace.
  3. Click on Sign Out to exit the workspace.

    Slack-Click on sign out
    Select sign out.
  4. Give Slack permission to remove you from the workspace by clicking Sign Out.

    Grant Slack access to sign you out
    Permit Slack to remove you from the workspace.

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